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Don't let content thieves and pirates rip off your copyright. You deserve to get paid every penny for your knowledge, skills, creativity and content.

The only to make sure that happens is by protecting your content from illegal sharing, unauthorized downloads & viewing.

When you host your videos with us, we handle your security so you can focus on getting more views, engaging your audience and generating revenue.


Dynamic visual watermarks

Content thieves when they can’t illegally download your premium videos due to DRM protection go as far as painstakingly using screen-recording attack to obtain it. Today there are many screen recording software and smart camera devices that can capture your videos at almost the same quality as the original at 4K/UHD resolutions beyond full HD.

Deter your viewers against screen-capture attacks using dynamic watermarks that are personalized with the viewer's data.

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Proven, Real-Time & Independent

Unlike DRMs, videos with dynamic watermarking are not pre-packaged, they’re created on the fly in real time which is more secured as clients can’t anticipate or attempt to hack it for the simple fact that they never existed in a solid storage state and they become obsolete the moment the viewing session ends.


Smooth Streaming

Our watermarking algorithm is designed lightweight and zero impact on streaming load… your viewers will absolutely enjoy their videos as usual.



Our visual watermarking is robust against advanced forms of piracy attacks including screen recording, camcording, frame manipulation and distortion. It can’t be cropped out or blocked.


Personalized & Session-Based

The major success of our dynamic visual watermark is their non-static nature. It’s not like regular watermarks where content owners put in their logos or images. What is we do is generate personalized watermarks in real-time using the viewer’s session data including their IP address and geo-coordinate data


Dynamic & Always Moving

Adilo dynamic visual watermarks are hard to block or blur out, attempting to do so will utterly destroy the video. We achieve this by ensuring the watermarks are not in a fixed position on the video screen, the positions they appear on different frames keep change and some are animated to move in real-time


Minimal Real Estate

Our visual watermarks are designed to not massively degrade the quality of viewing experience of your videos, so we utilize as much minimal real estate as possible keeping your videos at almost an unhindered stage.



Anti-piracy multi-DRM encryption

Protect your videos with the same military grade security used by Hollywood studios, Netflix, ESPN and make it 100% impossible for anyone to download your videos.

No software, plugin, or add-on can download the video. This technology is the ultimate revenue protector

Normally, this technology is usually sold in major studio licensing contracts running in hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars but we're making it available to all of users (including those in free plan).


Secure expiring and session-based keys

Our licenses are useless after every viewing session which means that even if a hacker manages to steal the license key, it’s already expired as every issued license is temporary and valid for one viewing section


Every request authenticated

To ensure that pirates and hackers do not get access to your content even if they mimic, every request sent to our DRM licensing server is triple-authenticated on player before sending request, on licensing server before releasing decryption key and on edge before serving content

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video protection


Cross-platform content protection

Protect your videos everywhere it's streamed, on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, computers or set-top boxes.



Control who can watch

Get access to powerful privacy tools and maintain full control on where, when and who can watch your videos.

Password lock your video and only those with passwords can view it.

Domain lock your video and it will only play on the specific domains you whitelist, people can't steal your video and embed on their sites.

Set to collaborators only and no one else apart from members of your team can watch it.

License regions your
content can be streamed


Whitelist regions and countries that your contents are licensed for streaming. Viewers
outside of these regions can't access your content.

Create content, grow your audience, teach, sell and increase your revenue with peace of mind

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