Master Your Video Impact with A/B Split Testing

Make every view count. Test, tweak, triumph!

why build a/b testing campaign for videos?
Improve engagement, increase views, and optimize your marketing strategy
Confidently select content that resonates with your audience
Compare video performance and make data-driven decisions
End the Guesswork in Video Marketing
  • Test video content effectiveness
  • Measure engagement and view duration
  • Real-time performance insights
Thumbnail Testing for Max Views
Discover which thumbnails capture attention and drive play rates
  • Compare thumbnail effectiveness
  • Enhance viewer attraction
  • Optimize for higher play rates
Set up your experiment
Here’s How It Works
Choose Videos or Thumbnails
Begin by defining your experiment, choose your videos or thumbnails. Determine which aspect of your media needs fine-tuning for optimal performance. Make your choice, and let the testing commence.
Set Performance Goals
What's your endgame? Is it a higher playrate, deeper engagement, lengthier view durations, more efficient email capture, or increased link clicks? Tailor your experiment to meet your goals and define the duration of the test.
Publish. Test. Succeed!
Launch your split test and let the data lead the way. On completion, get a comprehensive dashboard displaying the results, highlighting the stronger performer. Implement the winner and get improved engagement and results.

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