Create Embeddable Media
Galleries & Beautiful Playlists
Video & Audio
Make your content binge-worthy with playlists.
Video, audio playlists, or a mix of both? We got you!
And There Are Themes for Every Vibe
Choose from multiple themes for your playlist, ensuring it looks stunning on websites and mobile devices. Your playlist, your visual identity.
video, audio, & hybrid playlists
Transform your media into vlogs, educational series, help centers or immersive storytelling experiences!
Binge-worthy & Immersive Video Experience every time!
Build collections of related & similar videos/audios or a simple progressive content staging that will keep your audience glued to their screen.
Organize your gallery in such a way that each video end with a cliffhanger edging the viewers to the next episode in the lineup and just like that, you've got yourself a content-binging paradise.
Drag and drop your way to a gallery that wows
Adilo makes building & customizing your playlist extremely easy. It takes less than 2 minutes and a few clicks to build an impressive video or audio collection
Embed and publish anywhere, your way
Publish your playlists and galleries on websites, landing pages, apps and blogs. Designed with seamless publishing in mind, Adilo offers you many ways to share your playlist with your audience.
  • Standard links and popover embeds
  • Embed with responsive HTML code
  • QR code embedding & M3U8 direct publishing
  • Time-stamped video links for pinpoint sharing
Publish to your channels seamlessly
Channels are the ultimate hub for all your content and it takes literally just 1-click to publish your galleries, series, playlists and collections to your channels.
Privacy & Security Tailored To You
Control who can watch your playlists and where they can be embedded.
We're #1 in video security (no other platform comes close) - leave the game to us.
  • Playlist privacy options
  • Password protection
  • Embedding restrictions
Adilo Playlists Perfect All Content Types!
Online Course Series
Movie & Film Collections
Music Playlists
Knowledge Base Hubs
Website Video Galleries
Vlogs & Related Video Playlists
Onboarding Content For Customers
Marketing Content Collection for Prospects
Internal Library for Employees

Complete video & audio platform

  • All-in-one video, audio & podcast hosting
  • Advanced video marketing & analytics tools
  • Military-grade content security
  • Unbeatable streaming experience
  • Embed & share your content anywhere

Adilo gives you all these tools in dashboard for free!