Video Chapters

Enhance viewer experience by adding chapters to your video. Highlight key sections and make easier for viewers to jump to them.

Should I Use Chapters & Highlights in My Videos?

Enhanced Navigation

Make your videos easy to navigate with clickable chapters

Viewer Satisfaction

Improve the viewing experience, keeping your audience engaged.


Help viewers find exactly what they’re looking for, fast.

Learning Optimized

Ideal for tutorials and online courses. Navigate presentations with ease.

Easy Navigation

With Adilo’s Video Chapters, your viewers can easily skip to the parts of the video they’re most interested in. No more scrubbing through the timeline – a simple click, and they’re exactly where they want to be.

Jump Right to the Good Stuff

  • No third-party costs
  • Unlimited transcriptions
  • All-inclusive with your Adilo account

Transform Learning,
Webinars and Workshops

Adilo's Video Chapters revolutionize educational content such as guides, training or webinars, workshops or how to’s by allowing viewers to directly visit the key points without scrubbing through hours of footage.

Empower Learning

  • Ideal for online courses and tutorials
  • Facilitates targeted learning
  • Simplifies content revision

Master Long-Form Content

Keep your audience captivated with well-organized, long-form content. From documentaries to serialized storytelling, viewers can navigate to their points of interest or catch up on missed segments effortlessly.

Storytelling Made Easy

  • Ideal for serialized content and documentaries
  • Enhances viewer retention
  • Supports episodic viewing experiences

Complete video & audio platform

  • All-in-one video, audio & podcast hosting
  • Advanced video marketing & analytics tools
  • Military-grade content security
  • Unbeatable streaming experience
  • Embed & share your content anywhere

Adilo gives you all these tools in dashboard for free!