Brand Your Videos Your Way!

Customize your video domain and branding for a fully personalized viewer experience!

Why Choose Adilo for Custom Domains & Branding?

Full Brand Integration

Showcase your brand directly on your video player

Domain Control

Share videos with a domain that’s all yours

Total Control

Tailor your branding elements to suit your style

Viewer Trust

Strengthen brand recognition and viewer trust with consistent branding

Control Your Content’s Domain

Elevate your brand with custom domains for your videos. Share your videos with a link that resonates with your brand, enhancing credibility and consistency. Suitable for a freelancer showcasing a portfolio or a business sharing product demos, a custom domain reinforces your credibility and sets you apart from the competition.

Own Your Video Space

  • Use custom domains for video sharing
  • Enhance brand credibility for your business by adding a professional touch
  • Control redirects and user access

Interactive Branding Elements

Go beyond static branding. With Adilo, your branding elements are not just visible—they’re interactive. Enable clickable logos and text, guiding viewers to your desired call to action, and choose their positioning for optimal engagement.

Engage and Direct Your Audience

  • Make branding elements clickable
  • Direct viewers with CTAs
  • Choose optimal positioning for engagement

Drive Engagement & Conversion

Every video you share being a direct extension of your brand. With Adilo, add your logo, tagline, website link and brand colors to your videos, turning each one into a powerful marketing tool. Perfect for businesses looking to enhance their brand visibility and connect with potential customers.

Make Every Video a Brand Ambassador

  • Ideal for serialized content and documentaries
  • Add your branding and customize player colors logo and name
  • Enhances brand visibility

Complete video & audio platform

  • All-in-one video, audio & podcast hosting
  • Advanced video marketing & analytics tools
  • Military-grade content security
  • Unbeatable streaming experience
  • Embed & share your content anywhere

Adilo gives you all these tools in dashboard for free!