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Premium video & podcast channels for your audience to stream all your content, build subscribers and earn lots of revenue.

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Adilo channels lets your build an exclusive content library that you truly own and control every bit of it, it's the perfect place for your on-demand webinar collections, product videos, film series, vlogging & educational content. Use channels to showcase your brand, your talents, build an audience and sell to them.


Branded to looked every bit you

We let you customize the channel in a way that represents your personality or your business the best, including using custom domains to make it feel truly on-brand.

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Exclusively yours & ad-free

This channel is your personal showcase, we'll never show videos belonging to others on your channel nor will we show ads.


1 account - many ideas

You can be a fashion designer, a vlogger, a chef, a dancer and all you'll ever need is just 1 Adilo account to create all of the different channels that projects your personalities.

Search channel

Find what you need fast

An inbuilt channel search tool allows your audience find the playlist, videos or podcast they want fast

Build your audience

Collect subscribers quickly

Collect emails passively every other minute with our powerful subscribe button, every email subscriber you get is also added to your push notification list.

You have full control over your subscriber's data, we automatically sync them with your preferred email platforms (Mailchimp, Aweber, GetResponse, ConvertKit or Zapier).

We also have a contacts dashboard where you can see all your subscribers in a glance, their individual watch histories, tag and export them anytime.


Send automated notifications

We'll automatically send beautiful email notification to your subscribers when you publish content to your channel.

We'll also sent out push notifications to their browsers and make sure you have as much eyeballs as possible on your contents.

Promote & sell

Call to action cards

Configure banners, sales offers, deals and promotions for your channel in matter of seconds.

Leverage your platform to sell your products and promote brands, causes or ideas you care about.


Playlists & collections

Create collections of your on-demand webinars, episodes of your mini-series, or playlists of related videos for your audience to binge on non-stop


Your video hub

Use your channel to organize videos for all possibilities

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    Product videos
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    Employee training videos
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    On-demand webinars & interviews
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    Daily vlogs, educational & how-to videos
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    Customer onboarding and knowledge base videos
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    Short, funny viral videos
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    Indie film and movie series