Deter viewers from stealing your premium content with personalised and dynamic visual watermarks

Content Owners Challenge

The unauthorized redistribution of content, especially restreaming of live sports events, movies, e-learning courses, leads to millions of dollars in annual lost revenue. Using regular & traditional watermarks are no longer efficient in fighting these brazen attacks due to obvious reason.

  1. They usually take lot of real estate on your videos and look quite ugly
  2. They’re static and always placed at a specific area in a video so it’s easy for an attack to crop or blur them out
  3. Nobody takes them seriously, they’re non-threatening since they usually don’t point to the specific viewer so the viewer can still share your videos with the watermark boldly displayed on them
  4. It takes a lot of work effort and time to watermark and not efficient for long term goals or large content distribution

Why Adilo Dynamic Visual

Personalized & Session-Based

The major success of our Adilo dynamic visual watermark is their non-static nature. It’s not like regular watermarks where content owners put in their logos or images. What is we do is generate personalized watermarks in real-time using the viewer’s session data including their IP address and geo-coordinate data

Visible Deterrent

Psychologically, humans inherently follow set rules and policies when there’s an oversight. Adilo visual watermarks provides visible deterrent on your videos and reminding viewers to keep off from stealing your videos.

Minimal Real Estate

Our visual watermarks are designed to not massively degrade the quality of viewing experience of your videos, so we utilize as much minimal real estate as possible keeping your videos at almost an unhindered stage.

Dynamic & Always Moving

Adilo dynamic visual watermarks are hard to block or blur out, attempting to do so will utterly destroy the video. We achieve this by ensuring the watermarks are not in a fixed position on the video screen, the positional they appear on different frames keep change and some of are animated to move in real-time

Lightweight & Instant

These watermarks are text based making them completely lightweight and quick to generate.

No Configurations

No technical configs, no setup needed, simple turn on and turn off buttons… that’s it.

A Very Quick & Smart Way to Discourage
Viewers from Tampering with Your Videos

Mutual Assured Destruction

Nobody wants their personal information in public, screen recording and sharing your video literally makes their personal information public and nobody wants that.

Now they know you’re actively watching

The most powerful aspect of this deterrence technique is psychological in nature. Humans inherently tend to display good characters if they’re bring monitored. It’s why CCTV cameras and police are major deterrent to crimes that ordinarily would have happened.

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