Host Webinar Replays & Event Rewinds that Sell More than Live

Adilo video cloud is equipped with the tools to power your webinar and event replays and help them convert even better than the live workshop.

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Your replays deserve more attention

A webinar replay is your best opportunity to make the most sales and grow your business… even more than the live webinar.

A webinar replay typically makes 2x — 3x more sales than the live event especially on high ticket offers and they're reasons for it.

  • A replay lasts more giving your audience more opportunity to purchase your offers. A live event could last for 1 hour and that's it but the replay for same event could go on for 3 days
  • In replay, the live-jitters (example: the uhms, aaahs, network & audio errors, demo mistakes etc.) are removed and edited out giving you a flawless presentation that's professional and more convincing.
  • Some fence-sitters (potential customers) who saw your offer on live but need time to make up their mind, your replay gives them that opportunity.
  • Most customers do not purchase products (especially high ticket offers) the first time they see it, they need to see it many times and study the offer well… your replay provides the opportunity
  • Timed replays creates urgency, scarcity and FOMO and this why closing days drive up to 35% of entire sales in every webinar campaign.

Webinar and event replays are powerful assets to any business and you need to host in a platform that will empower them to double their original performance

Why Adilo for Webinar & Event Replays

Chapters to make your long replays 5x easier to consume

Most webinars are 1 hour long and above and it's painfully hard for audience to sit through it and that's why very few people complete watching webinars.

Chapters let your viewers skip through to the most relevant parts, your viewers will easily skip to the most sections of your replace they're interested in.

Viewers that are busy can take advantage of chapters to skim through your video and quickly understand your ideas, pitch, content and solution without having to watch the entire replay.

Viewers that would have dropped off your video can instead skip to sections that are relevant to the information they seek and this gives control making them more interactive, and engaged with your contact.

Resume streaming technology makes watching replay fun

Because of the average length of webinar videos, it's hard to watch the entire replay in one sitting.

With Adilo's resume streaming technology, we store each viewer's watch session and when they return, we resume the video and they pick up from right where they left off.

Captions and subtitles to triple comprehension and reach new markets with your replay

Captions are so important in webinar replays to increase conversions…

  • 85% of videos are watched without sound so your video won't be understood without captions.
  • Captions increases comprehension by 3.2X even for native speakers so even if you're marketing to US audience and your webinar is in English, you get 3.2X better results just by adding English captions to the video.
  • Videos with captions get 26% higher CTA click-throughs

And most time, your eCommerce website receives visitors from people in different countries speaking different languages while your sales videos are made in only 1 language.

Adilo not only captions your videos accurately and automatically, it also helps your business reach a wider audience by breaking this language barrier and translating your captions into the local languages of your audience such as Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Hindi etc.

Goal-based pixel retargeting for better ad campaigns

No more "blanket" retargeting of everyone who visited your webinar replay page.

Adilo Pixels allows you to install your ad retargeting pixel directly inside your webinar replay video and set up goal- basis so that different event pixels fire at different stages to prequalify your audience

(Example: event fired if visitor started watching the replay, event fired if visitor watched 25% of replay, event fired if visitor saw our offer on the replay)

With this, you can build a truly segmented and marketable audience that will allow you laser target the visitors that showed major interest and truly engaged with your offer who are most likely to convert.

This means:

  • Less ad spend
  • Higher quality clicks
  • Increased conversions
  • More ROI on your ad campaigns

Build huge anticipation and premiere your webinar replays with our scheduled publishing technology

Premiered Replays convert better than regular replays!

Right after your event/webinar, send your audience a link to replay that will premiere at x:xx PM on xx Date and watch your audience go wild and get even more excited than the live stuff.

This premiering is a marketing psychology that builds up anticipation and hunger for the content you'll be sharing on the replay.

This is similar to what happens in movie releases when everybody is anticipating for it to premiere and rush to stream it or watch it in cinemas the moment it's released.

Scheduled replay streaming has the same effect and businesses that use it see at least 3x more replay views on day 1 and converted more sales than on regular webinar replays.

And with scheduled publishing technology, you can expire streaming at X timestamp creating massive scarcity and Premiered Replays convert better than regular replays! FOMO in your audience

A lossless compression algorithm and huge bandwidth allotment to power repetitive large content streaming

Webinar replays during to length end being large files, usually 500mb — 2GB in size and something even more.

Streaming them directly can drain your bandwidth space daily, imagine getting 1,500 replay views weekly on a 2GB webinar replay file, that would be 3,000 gig (3TB) easily, in a month that's 12TB and the cost can quickly add up.

If you host your videos with Adilo, we'll encode, transform and lossless compress that by up to 60% or more, a 2GB video file will become 800mb without losing a drop in the video quality

Read about our lossless compression

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