The video platform that scales with your small business

Adilo is built with technology to support growing businesses and help them generate more revenue from every video such as our “Anti-Piracy Technology” - first of it’s kind.

Adilo is more affordable yet better & faster video
delivery than the solution you already use

Quick cost analysis if you have 200 videos, get 500,000 views monthly and use 5TB bandwidth per month
Wistia - $1,288/month
Sprout - $949/month
Kaltura - $1,200/month
Adilo - $459/month

As a small business owner, every saving matters and will go towards acquiring more customers into your business and that’s why we carefully reward our customers with affordable pricing on our services

But pricing is not really the key benefit for Adilo, we offer services that’s completely peerless, no other business video hosting solution can match our offering… we’re one of a kind, see our full list of features.

You business should
never be limited

  1. No video upload limit
  2. No video length limit
  3. No video size limit
  4. No encoding limits

Your video transformed for the adaptive web

Sad that many small business owners are still hosting videos like it was 2004.

Let me put it in plain words you raw mp4, avi, wmv videos are not great for web, they don’t support adaptive streaming and the files are usually too heavy for light streaming.

No wonder your viewers end up with buffering, hazy and spotty videos, not to talk of cross-device compatibility issues.

Self-hosting them on Amazon s3, your website host, or WordPress site even compounds this problem.

Uploading that video to Adilo changes all that, we repackage the video entirely with a web-based streaming protocol and perform a host of other actions that are too technical to get into right now.

Read how we transform your video with cloud encoding

Peerless security
for your premium content

As of today, we’re the only professional video hosting company in the world that are offering real-time, anti-piracy content security infrastructure to small businesses that create premium, paid content such as e-learning videos, coaching programs, movies etc.

No competitor comes close… not Wista (maybe they’ll copy us someday), not YouTube, not Vimeo, not VidYard, not Amazon s3.

Our aggressive encryption security protects your video from illegal downloads using any plugin/software, monitors and licenses every video stream to a specific viewer and can track screen recordings, editing, amongst many other piracy attacks.

  1. Multi-DRM & AES Encryption Protection…
    read more
  2. Forensic Stream Watermarking…
    read more
  3. Dynamic Visual Watermarking…
    read more

Video marketing tools:

opt-in forms, redirects, looping, call to action link, ads, html and image overlays



Take control of your creativity without a studio or costly video editing hardware & software.

With SnapByte, in 1 Click, you can quickly record personalized videos for your prospects, you don’t need to setup a profession studio, just hit the SnapByte button inside your dashboard and record away.

Got a new recipe from your restaurant you want to share to the world? SnapByte.

Need to share a quick fix with a client? SnapByte. And it does more than just that.

SnapByte is the ultimate video communication tool for small & local businesses.

You can also easily & securely collect feedbacks and testimonials from your customers and clients, through SnapByte and the videos come directly to your dashboard, without them having access to your account.

No software downloads/installation required.

See SnapByte in action up close!
Intelligent Experimentation

Split test rapidly and focus your marketing on winning campaigns

Gut-feeling is for when you’re trying to fall in love, experienced marketers know that the only thing that drives results to your business is experimentation.

Experiment with your videos on the fly to find the winners, we have full- stack experimentation technology that allows you to:

  1. Test your videos
  2. Test your image & video thumbnails

It’s drag n’ drop easy, one test and you’ll never another video without experimenting.


Didn’t Close the Sale?
Build a Custom Audience & Retarget.

  1. Retargeting increases closed sales by 314%.
  2. 92% of all sales are closed after repeat follow-ups

Adilo enables you to track prospects that have watched any of your videos and follow them all over the web to remarket your products and services, bring them back and close the sale.

We have native pixel integrations with Facebook, Google, AdRoll and Perfect Audience which makes building your custom audience and retargeting a breeze but if you’re a bit traditional like Jason in our support team, you can just enter the pixel codes manually on each video.

See Adilo Pixels in action up close!


Tools to build connection and get closer to your audience, discover how each prospect is consuming your contents.

Contact Enrichment

Discover “secrets” about your audience you can leverage to close sales

Your contacts are more than just a name and email, our profile enrichment stack allows you to see more than the basics you’re given.

You get enriched with data from the prospect’s real life, we show you their history because when you understand their history and real-life behaviors, closing sales becomes all too easy.

We bring your customers closer to you than ever, we share their social media handle, interests, demography, employment details and so much more.

Leverage this data as you would like to scale your business faster.

Automatically tag and segment
your prospects

Owning a small business doesn’t mean your
audience should be small, you can reach
larger audience, gain more exposure and
customers with Adilo

Automated Video Captions

Video captions are a must, it’s no longer optional if you want to reach bigger audience and convert more.

  1. Over 28 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing (over 466 million in the world).
  2. As of 2019, over 85% of videos are watched without sound so your video won’t be understood without captions.
  3. Subtitle increases comprehension by 3.2X even for native speakers
  4. Videos with captions get 91% engaged compared to 66% on normal videos.
  5. Videos with captions get 26% CTA click-throughs

Adilo automatically, intelligently and accurately captions your videos so you can reach a larger audience. You can also customize the appearance of your captions.

AI Search Engine Optimisation

Get discovered in search

Adilo platform is heavily crawled and our videos are intensively indexed because our unique search engine optimization model. Our SEO system goes beyond the meta tags of title, description and keywords

We invested heavily in AI and Machine Learning technology that scans and indexes our videos in a way that no other business video hosting solution does and that’s why our customer enjoy huge & free search engine traffic.

Flawless and Adaptive ‘Fast’ HD Video
Delivery on Every Device & Every Screen

The biggest problem most video hosting face today is cross-compatibility on the gazillion devices existing today. The question becomes should reach be compromised for size and cost?

In technical terms, should it be HVEC or H.264, 30fps or 60fps, HLS, HDS or MPEG-DASH?

Unfortunately, at the expense of both the customers and consumers, many providers compromise reach and quality for cheap encoding or adopt small size, low bandwidth consumption while sacrificing reach. Consumers end up with spotty videos that keep buffering every other second or a video not compatible with their device.

Not Adilo, we sacrifice ourselves and go all out regardless of processing/delivery costs to ensure

  1. Your video reaches all devices, browsers & screens – no compatibility issues!
  2. Your consumers enjoy flawless HD video streaming that’s adaptive to the consumer’s internet speed.

How Adilo Saves You Money on
Professional Video Hosting

Unlike other professional business video hosting solutions out there, we’re committed to helping small and local businesses like your grow tremendously and this is why we adopted all the best strategies to ground your cost while helping your videos reach, engage and convert a larger audience than you anticipated. Here’s 2 major steps we take to save you money.

We’re generous with bandwidth with bandwidths

When it comes to video hosting, bandwidth is everything… it’s what’s consumed whenever your video is watched, therefore we reward our customer hugely with it. Even our lowest plans, come with a 1TB bandwidth. We have dedicated plans with as much as 10PB (10,000TB) monthly bandwidth and it’s very affordable.

During encoding, we perform lossless compression of your videos

For example if you upload a 1GB 1080p HD video, we’ll use our advanced transcoding settings to compress the video without any drop in quality, so by the time our encoding is completed, we’ll have a new version of your video transformed to 200mb 1080p HD video and it will be the exact same quality with the original video you uploaded.

This means that your video now uses less bandwidth whenever it’s streamed (200mb instead of 1GB) so you get up to 5x more views on your plan.

Start your video marketing
journey with Adilo

Try Adilo free for 2 weeks today, host unlimited videos, get terabytes of fast bandwidth monthly and
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