Powerful Video Marketing Tools
to Scale Your Business & Bring in
New Customers…

Tools to make your videos even
more powerful…

Capture Leads

Target, qualify and generate leads right inside your videos, conversion rates of 80% are not unusual.

Call to Actions

Link to your products, order pages, webinar, schedule demos and appointment bookings all right inside your video.

Promote your other Video

Funnel your audience and spoon-feed them with the exact content you need to turn them from visitors to customers such as testimonials, demos, interviews etc.

Synced with Your Favorite
Marketing Tools

We’re natively integrated with all the best email marketing and sales tools you already use such as Mailchimp, ConvertKit, Aweber, GoToWebinar, Zoom, Salesforce plus we’re integrated with Zapier which gives our users access to 1,000+ more apps including the ones we’ve even heard of.

Publish your videos anywhere

Default Adilo Video Watch Page
Your Websites, eCommerce & Landing Page
Your Membership sites & LMS Platforms
Your Mobile Apps and Software

Embed your videos in email campaigns and convert more sales

Emails with videos get
- 7% more opens
- 300% more click-throughs
- 25% more replies
- 37% more sales conversion

You can embed your Adilo videos into your emails using with any tool you’re using for prospecting: Gmail, Outlook, Mailchimp, Aweber, Zoho,, or any email outreach tool you’re using.

  1. Send demos, testimonials, presentations and pitches.
  2. Embed multiple videos in one email
  3. Show video preview right inside the email to increase CTR and engagement.
  4. Full control of what happens when the video preview is clicked.

Your own stage with the spotlight
on you to let your stars shine

Your stars cannot be held back, your audience wants more of you, it’s time to showcase your skills to the world, we give you a personal stage that’s all about you so your genius can shine through.

In stage, you’re the show maker:

  1. Full control of your stage
  2. Capture leads on your stage
  3. Personalize it with business logos and covers.
  4. Link to your websites and social media profiles.
  5. Showcase your brand more and get found on search engines

Deep analytics shows in ‘graphic detail’
how your audience engaged and
consumed your videos.

Basic data is like a plain jane, it’s just there but it’s useless and we don’t do plain jane.
We deliver deep, intelligent and real-actionable data you can use to optimize your
marketing campaigns on the fly.

See Adilo Analytics in action up close!

Intelligent Experimentation

Split test rapidly and
focus your marketing
on winning campaigns

Gut-feeling is for when you’re trying to fall in love, experienced marketers know that the only thing that drives results to your business is experimentation.

Experiment with your videos on the fly to find the winners, we have full- stack experimentation technology that allows you to:

  1. Test your videos
  2. Test your image & video thumbnails

It’s drag n’ drop easy, one test and you’ll never another video without experimenting.


Didn’t Close the Sale?
Build a Custom
Audience & Retarget.

  1. Retargeting increases closed sales by 314%.
  2. 92% of all sales are closed after repeat follow-ups

Adilo enables you to track prospects that have watched any of your videos and follow them all over the web to remarket your products and services, bring them back and close the sale.

We have native pixel integrations with Facebook, Google, AdRoll and Perfect Audience which makes building your custom audience and retargeting a breeze but if you’re a bit traditional like Jason in our support team, you can just enter the pixel codes manually on each video.

See Adilo Pixels in action up close!


Tools to build connection and get closer to your audience, discover how each prospect is consuming your contents.

Contact Enrichment

Discover “secrets
about your audience
you can leverage to
close sales

Your contacts are more than just a name and email, our profile enrichment stack allows you to see more than the basics you’re given.

You get enriched with data from the prospect’s real life, we show you their history because when you understand their history and real-life behaviors, closing sales becomes all too easy.

We bring your customers closer to you than ever, we share their social media handle, interests, demography, employment details and so much more.

Leverage this data as you would like to scale your business faster.

tag and segment
your contacts

A video hosting & marketing solution
that enables your business to reach
larger audience

Automated Video Captions

Video captions are a must, it’s no longer optional if you want to reach bigger audience and convert more.

  1. Over 28 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing (over 466 million in the world).
  2. As of 2019, over 85% of videos are watched without sound so your video won’t be understood without captions.
  3. Subtitle increases comprehension by 3.2X even for native speakers
  4. Videos with captions get 91% engaged compared to 66% on normal videos.
  5. Videos with captions get 26% CTA click-throughs

Adilo automatically, intelligently and accurately captions your videos so you can reach a larger audience. You can also customize the appearance of your captions.

Caption Translation & Localization

It’s not enough to caption videos, your audience is all over the world, do you speak their language? Adilo does :)

Only 25% of the world speak English, 19% speak Chinese, 8% speak Spanish and the rest is scattered across other language, chances are you don’t speak these languages, but you have viewers from different parts of the world watching you.

Adilo breaks this language barrier by translating your captions into the local languages of your audience such as Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish etc. so you’ll never be limited from reaching a bigger audience.

The best part is our caption localization technology that automatically detects the location your viewer is watching from and automatically adjusts the caption to match the viewer.

AI Search Engine Optimisation

Get discovered in search

Adilo platform is heavily crawled and our videos are intensively indexed because our unique search engine optimization model. Our SEO system goes beyond the meta tags of title, description and keywords

We invested heavily in AI and Machine Learning technology that scans and indexes our videos in a way that no other business video hosting solution does and that’s why our customer enjoy huge & free search engine traffic.

Bring your team
together & collaborate

Employing more than one staff in your business? No problem, we do too… we love growth and team collaboration.

With Adilo, your entire team can collaborate to ensure we close deals and make more sales.

Our collaboration technology is very secure, you have complete control on who sees what and who does what, you assign the roles & permissions.

Not Adilo, we sacrifice ourselves and go all out regardless of processing/delivery costs to ensure

Flawless and Adaptive
‘Fast’ HD Video Delivery
on Every Device & Every Screen

The biggest problem most video hosting face today is cross-compatibility on the gazillion devices existing today. The question becomes should reach be compromised for size and cost?

In technical terms, should it be HVEC or H.264, 30fps or 60fps, HLS, HDS or MPEG-DASH?

Unfortunately, at the expense of both the customers and consumers, many providers compromise reach and quality for cheap encoding or adopt small size, low bandwidth consumption while sacrificing reach. Consumers end up with spotty videos that keep buffering every other second or a video not compatible with their device.

Not Adilo, we sacrifice ourselves and go all out regardless of processing/delivery costs to ensure

  1. Your video reaches all devices, browsers & screens – no compatibility issues!
  2. Your consumers enjoy flawless HD video streaming that’s adaptive to the consumer’s internet speed.

Record & Share Moments with
Adilo’s SnapByte

Whether you’re a sales rep prospecting new clients, a beauty vlogger, an online business coach or a teacher creating e-learning classes for thousands of students, SnapByte by Adilo is the creator’s tool you’ve been looking for.

You can create & edit breathtaking video snaps at the touch of a button all in the cloud – just press record.

You can record screencasts, presentations, selfies, webcam or DSLR camera inputs or record hybrid snap (cam + screen) all at the touch of a button.

Even more exciting… you can create snap links and share with your friends, colleagues, customers to collect feedbacks & testimonials or share with your team for video-enabled collaboration.

Put your sales
reps ahead with
snap pagesit,
Customize it!

Adilo is one of the only video marketing platforms that truly understands the power of sales with video and empowers your sales team to get ahead with it.

Snap Pages have known to

  1. Increase response rate in prospecting emails by up to 3X
  2. Double the click-through rates
  3. Result in a follow-up phone call by the prospect compared to regular video prospecting where the sales rep does 100% of the follow-ups.
  4. Allow sales reps to build close-up & personal rapports with prospects
  5. Increase book appointments and demos by 217%

Big Bandwidth Plans that Give
You the Freedom to Market

Bandwidth is the single most important catalyst in video streaming and video marketing business. If you don’t have bandwidths, you

Any video platform giving you 200GB bandwidth monthly or there about doesn’t take your business seriously and doesn’t want you to succeed or at least has made plans to milk you like an Italian cow if your business starts growing.

This is why at Adilo… we believe that bandwidth is freedom.

  1. Bandwidth is the power to express your ideas and views.
  2. Bandwidth is the power to showcase products, ideas and pitch.
  3. Big bandwidth is the power to scale and go viral without ever worrying about the cost.

And we give you so much of it, you’ll never max it.

More Reasons to Choose Adilo
for Marketing

100 or 100 million?

Whether you have a small audience of 100 people or your videos reaches 100 million people worldwide, our 18Tbps+ network will handle your video delivery fast, smooth, and efficiently.

Start your video marketing
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