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Big bandwidth to support multi- streaming of your videos

E-learning classes, online courses, and masterclasses all have 1 thing in common.

Your students will stream and re-stream each of the video multiple times while trying to learn whatever knowledge/skill you’re teaching in the video.

But there’s 1 hiccup, every stream cost your bandwidths, probably 100s of megabytes at a time. Quite sooner than later, you exceed your allotted bandwidth, hit overage and your bill go through the roof.

Not with Adilo, we allot mega bandwidth spaces running in terabytes (not gigabytes) monthly to all of users, even users on our most basic starter plan for beginners get at 1 terabyte monthly. We put you ahead.

Tip: re-watching your training videos the 2nd and 3rd time help your students retain 90% more of the knowledge shared in the training videos.

Compatible with all the E- learning & LMS platforms you use

Adilo video’s embed code is incredibly agile and dynamic enough to work on every LMS or e-learning system you use.

And if you’re using a custom-built software to house your online courses and members area, Adilo video will still work absolutely fine.

Premiere your online classes, films and give it a live-like that will help build your community

f you teach an online class, or you have e-learning program, coaching programs, cooking shows.

You can create a real, live classroom-like feel by getting your students or e-learning course members to show up at a specific time and attend your video classroom.

Just finished a webinar? Awesome, guess the next best move to bring in more sales… A Replay? NO

A Premiered Replay!

Right after your event/webinar, send your audience a link to replay that will premiere at x:xx PM on xx Date and watch your audience go wild and get even more excited than the live stuff.

You don’t need to be live, just set it up and Adilo will handle everything for you.

Working on all your customer’s devices

Whether your customers are watching from the outdated Android phones or the latest smart 8K TV, the videos will play absolutely fine, adapt to the viewer’s screen and device.

Because we use HLS and MPED-DASH protocols for our adaptive streaming, your videos will play on every operating system/hardware

Brand the player... make it yours

Add your logo

Customize the controls

Customize the player appearance to match your brand identity.

And just truly make it yours. Control everything. A video player for your brand.

Resume lessons once student returns

Adilo videos automatically saves the viewing session of every viewer and intelligent detects when the viewer returns so the video resumes from the last segment watched.

This last memory technology is important if you’re streaming movies/tv shows which are usually long and are usually not consumed in 1 sitting.

Also, perfect when streaming online courses so your returning students can pick up right where they left off, it improves user experience.

Captions and subtitles to make your e- learning videos easier to watch

Captions increases comprehension by 3.2X even for native speakers. Videos with captions get 91% engagement rate compared to 66% on normal videos.

As of 2019, over 85% of videos are watched without sound so your e- learning won’t be understood without captions.

Adilo will accurately caption and subtitle your video in multiple languages (English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean etc.) making it possible for your audience all over the world to enjoy your premium content even if they don’t speak your native language.

Discover our captioning and subtitling A.I.

Many ways to protect your premium paid
content from theft beyond the standard and
often weak user login security.


Real-Time Anti-Piracy

Multi-DRM Encryption Security to Protect Your Premium Content from Illegal Downloads

Frustrated with your paid, premium contents, films & TV broadcasts, e-learning courses getting illegally downloaded and shared online causing massive loss of revenue to business.

Adilo is equipped with multi-drm video encryption including PlayReady, AES and Widevine DRM to securely protect your premium media content from illegal downloads, sharing and unauthorized streaming on any browser or device (phone, computers, smart TVs, set-top boxes)

Contents protected with multi-DRM security are impossible to download regardless of which browser add-on or video downloader software the viewer is using.

This is the same level of security used by platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Comcast, and AT&T to protect their multi- billion-dollar movie franchise.

See our multi-DRM in action
Real Time Forensic Watermarking of Your Video Streams to Fight Illegal Camcording and Advanced Piracy

Forensic watermarking, sometimes referred to as blind, invisible or bit-stream watermarking, is a complex algorithm that allows us to inject a payload information into the metadata of your video stream.

This is real time anti-piracy solution goes wherever your video goes protecting it every step of the way.

With so much technology today, it’s now possible to illegally record your video while it’s playing with the same quality as the original even at 4K/UHD resolutions beyond full HD… that’s why you can still see stuff like Netflix movies getting leaked even with their DRM security.

There are now smart phones with 12, 16 and 20 megapixel 4K cameras and powerful camcorders that could flawlessly record a TV screen or computer screen while it’s playing your video.

There are even screen recorder apps and plugins in your computers, mobile phones and browsers that can record your entire screen while it’s playing a video

DRM can’t protect your video against this sort of attacks and that’s where forensic watermarking comes it, it’s robust against multiple forms of piracy including camcoding, screen recording, transcoding, ripping, cropping, blurring and more.

With forensic watermarks protecting your video, every video served to each viewer is 100% unique and if your video is ever leaked, you can use the meta data trace the culprit who leaked your video and take appropriate actions.

Adilo player is equipped with this powerful forensic watermarking technology that fights piracy in real time.

Discover forensic watermarking anti-piracy solution

Dynamic visual watermark to deter viewers from anything illegal

This not the static visual watermarks that does nothing except make your videos and images look ugly.

Picture this:

  1. our student plays your training video
  2. As the video begins to play, Adilo displays the student’s name, IP address, timestamp and email address in real-time
  3. Then notifies the student the video is licensed to him and not to attempt copying it illegally as the stream is being monitored.
  4. And it happens every time one of your students stream your videos from Adilo.

It’s not magic, it’s technology.

And smart online course creators, teachers, and entrepreneurs have leveraged it to deter almost 100% of their users from tampering with their videos.

Attempting to distribute the video online also exposes the sensitive data and identity of the student to the general public making the theft not worth the effort.

See our dynamic visual watermarks in action
With our advanced protection technologies not seen on any other commercial video hosting platform, you can finally host and stream your premium, paid video contents with peace of mind.

Absolutely, nothing to worry about.

Focus on creating amazing and beautiful premium contents. Adilo will host, stream and aggressively protect it for you
And with our custom enterprise plans with bandwidths going to up 10 Petabytes
(that’s 10,000 Terabytes, 10 million gigabytes or 10 billion megabytes) per month
giving you full coverage for more than

50 million streams monthly

You can even run your own VOD streaming service like Netflix out-of-the-box using Adilo

And you never have to worry about a thing, we handle the hosting, encoding, encryption, streaming, monitoring and protection.

You just charge subscriptions

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