Video at the Center of Your Customer Success


It's now possible to

  • Burn down your churn rate
  • Increase renewed subscriptions
  • Collect testimonials
  • And effortlessly retain your customers

Replace Knowledgebase Articles with Engaging Videos

Customers are frequently inundated and frustration by the gazillions of boring articles and very technical articles littered on knowledge base and help centers.

This makes customers become frustrated with your product or service when they don’t get the help they need or when simple instructions are hard to understand and follow because you’re communicating them in text medium. Help articles are not good enough, your customers need visual communication.

You can power your entire knowledge base and help center today with videos and reduce customer frustrations and support tickets while engaging your customers, giving them a richer experience, and better understanding of your products/service.


Customer Onboarding and Training Success

Adilo makes it easy and lightning fast to onboard new customers, train them on how to use your products and services.

See exactly how your customers are engaging with your onboarding training and quickly analyze where they need the most help from insights.

With our insights, you can know upfront where your customer loose interest in your product training and fix the problem before it explodes into refunds, cancellations and heavy churn rate.

Quickly & securely collect feedbacks, testimonials & complaints straight into your Adilo dashboard

Which means:

  • - Less workload for the support staff
  • - Faster resolution of problems & tickets
  • - Happier customers = more revenue

And it does more than just that.Just send the customer your secured SnapByte link so he can in 1-click record his screen or a video of himself and visually show the problem to you.

  • Easily collect feedbacks and testimonials from your customers and clients, it takes just 1-Click.
  • Need to explain a solution quickly with a customer, do not waste time typing long boring texts or waste money on camera equipment, just hit the SnapByte button inside your dashboard and record away.

And once you are done, share with your customer. No software downloads/installation required.


See SnapByte in action up close!

Bring your team together & collaborate

Employing more than one staff in your business? No problem, we do too… we love growth and team collaboration.

With Adilo, your entire team can collaborate to ensure customer success and more sales.

All secure, you have complete control on who sees what and who does what, just assign your staff permissions.


Connect with your customers in ways you never did before

Our profile enrichment stack allows to see more than just name, email and phone number of a customer. We bring your customers closer to you than ever, we share their social media handle, interests, demography, employment details and so much more.

Leverage this data as you would like to scale your business faster.

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