SnapByte Use Cases

A smarter way to


with your team.
Faster bug review in software developments

Entrepreneurs and product managers overseeing agile development teams working on their new software especially contractors or developers working from remote locations find that it’s easier to report bugs to developers visually.

SnapByte makes it easier to visually track bugs in codes and share the same visually so the developers can see exactly the problems they need to fix, this removes going back and forth with dev teams.

Creative teams will understand your ideas faster if make them visual

Words are usually not enough when we’re talking of creativity (product UI, web design, video, graphics design, photoshoot), you need to show your creative team what you want visually.

Visually recommendations make your creative workflow 100x faster and smoother compared to text, emailing or chats.

Leading your team, sharing ideas and corporate communication

Every employee or employer at any time can capture videos and pass instructions with clarity to the rest of the workforce and make workflow faster. Employees being able to see the face and voice of the instructor will go a long way into making the message more immersive than any written communication would be able to do.

Team leaders can share ideas and weekly milestones with their team.

SnapByte drives better corporate communication. Top down and bottom up.

A quicker way to create


videos that rock
Make great Vlogs, How-To
videos for your audience

Creating simple vlogs and how-to videos usually required setting up camera equipment, audio, lighting and so much more then you spend hours editing the video.

If you want to have your 10 minutes How-To video ready to go within few minutes, professionally edited with soundtracks, cool video effects and more, choose SnapByte

Create online courses and coaching programs with ease

SnapByte makes easier now more than ever to create digital video courses for your members, subscribers and social media followers.

You can teach anything, share your skills and knowledge using SnapByte to create without limits.

It also provides an easy fun way to create premium content for your existing members/subscribers.

E-learning for schools and colleges with interactive student engagement for immersive learning

Teachers and professors record classes and new topics for their students making it easier for students to revisit the topic anytime for continues learning and references

Students use SnapByte to submit assignments, class projects and explain challenges to their professors.

Video is the preferred choice for educating millennials and gen Z. An average of 95% of content consumed via video is retained by the brain compared to 10% via text, the difference is staggering.

Rich video
communication for

Customer Success

Personally, welcome and onboard new customers

Launched that new startup and getting your first 100 customers? Appreciate them personally for backing your startup… it’s builds customer rapport for your brand much faster.

Make personal videos onboarding your new customers and show them how to get started quickly with product.

Collect authentic feedbacks and video testimonials from happy customers using snap links

Real customer testimonials are the easiest way to convince your audience to purchase a product and video testimonials are far more believable than text or image testimonials hence they convert better.

Share snap links with your customers and easily collects video feedbacks and testimonials that will increase your sales.

Solve tickets faster and let your customers visually walk you through their problems using snap link

Stop going back and forth on customer support tickets, doing this can frustrate your customers and make them livid with your service.

Share your snap link with your customers and have them show you exactly what problems they’re facing with your products.

A lot of problems can be miscommunicated by customers and misinterpreted by your support team in traditional text-based support tickets but with video communication enabled in your customer support, misunderstandings will become a thing of the past and tickets will be solved faster.


Video Messaging

software for salespeople

Stand out in your prospect’s inbox

Stop sending boring emails that don’t get any responses. Make your outreach richer with videos and get more responses daily than you used to get in a week.

Videos puts a face & persona to your emails, evoke emotions and shows your prospects just how committed you are to work with them and this makes you stand out from other sales people fighting for attention in their inbox.

With SnapByte as your favorite B2B sales tool, you’ll get more responses on your outreach emails and close more deals.

Product demos and walkthrough videos

Create personalized product walkthrough videos for your clients and answer their questions. Turn leads into paying customers with ecstatic pitch videos showing your products in action

Send powerful video email broadcasts to your subscribers

Launching a new product? Promoting a new offer? Send a video email campaign to your email list and watch your conversions go up unbelievably.

Pitch page drives B2B sales appointment bookings

Funnel your target prospects to your snap pitch page and increase appointment bookings by 217%

Follow-up with your new leads while they’re still hot, re-establish connections with prospects you’re yet to close using personalized pitch pages that set you apart from average sales reps.

You’re a tiger… go get them!

Even more ways to become
productive with SnapByte

For checking in & reactivating cold relationships

If you’ve ever been in that spot where clients go dark on you, texting and emailing them is no longer cutting it and you hear nothing back from them. Our users have found out that making personalized AdiloRec video with their face on camera gave fresh juice to the relationship.

For client, customer, student & team accountability

Coaches and mentors who use Adilo regularly send private AdiloRec links to their students so they (the students) can show them (the coaches/mentors) what they’re working on and ensure they (the students) are carrying out their tasks and meeting their set goals.

For closing deals on-the-go

Senior sales representatives and marketing directors know the importance of closing multiple deals at once, but you can’t be in more than one place at once hence it’s important that you’re able to close deals even while traveling for other business trips, AdiloRec makes this possible.

For corporate recruitments

Human resource teams use SnapByte to see the “prospective employee” in a dimension that a resume and some certificates just can’t explore allowing employers to assess and make right hiring decisions even before inviting the applicant for an interview, this is an innovative filtering process that most companies are already integrating.

For personal accountability & self-improvement

Our users who are on a journey of self-improvement such as losing weight, healing from divorce, morning exercises, daily reading, business milestones etc. use SnapByte as a personal accountability tool for self-assessment, they use it document their milestones and share it with the rest of the world.

Our privacy and security tool keep their videos fully secured and ensures it’s shared with only the people they choose, or never shared with anyone at all.

Personal is powerful

Get personal today with SnapByte… video communication enabled!

SnapByte is 100% Free to Use

Included in all your Adilo subscription plans

SnapByte works out-of-the-box on platforms you already use everyday

No download, no installation or configurations needed