#1 video messaging software

Just press RECORD

Quickly record your screens, cameras or both and send personalized video messages to your prospects, teams, customers or create video tutorials.

No download, no installation or configurations needed

Easy video recording & creation

Record your own videos without any special equipment, software or video expertise needed.

  • Record up to 4K quality
  • Unlimited video recordings
  • Allow team members to record
  • Create & send personalized video messages or e-learning tutorials.
  • Share snap link with customers and get feedbacks or triage support ticket
  • Full integration with Adilo video cloud, optimize your videos for performance.

Video messaging for teams

Free up your time from endless Zoom meetings, back and forth emails, wasting billable hours on chats and long slack threads that leave a mess behind. Whether you’re collaborating on a project or communicating with your team. Sending video messages is more efficient, faster and has a way of always making your points much clearer. It’s our favourite tool for collaboration.

Faster team communication

Don’t let your voice be drowned in a sea of words. Be clear and personal with video. Build stronger rapport and it’s much faster than typing anyways.

Collaborate and review projects efficiently

Words are usually not enough when we’re talking of creativity, you need to show your team what you want visually. Even app bugs are best reviewed on video.

Assign tasks and onboard employees

Map out weekly milestones, onboard and assign tasks clearly on via video messages that your team can easily reference if they have issues.

Executive video messaging

Motivate your team weekly with video messages that inspire and get them hyped up to go above and beyond. Leading like a true leader with SnapByte.


Video Messaging for salespeople

Standout in your prospect’s inbox. Get up close and personal.

Stop sending boring emails, send video messages that get responses and close deals fasters.

Quickly record product demos, resolve their objections visually and impress your clients.

Build trust and stronger relationships quickly with the favourite B2B sales tool.


E-learning Videos

Whether you’re creating simple vlogs of 10 minutes or a full 1 hour tutorial video, our software is perfect.

No special editing need, just record, save and publish for your users within minutes.

SnapByte makes easier now more than ever to create digital video courses for your members, subscribers and social media followers.

You can teach anything, share your skills and knowledge using SnapByte to create without limits.

Video messaging for customer support

Increase customer retention, triage customer support and resolve tickets faster with SnapByte

More than a simple video recording software…

Request videos from customers, audience..

Video communication is a 2-way street. SnapByte lets you share snap links with your customers or just anyone.

All the person has to do is click your special link and they can record videos for you (nothing to download or install).

  • Use it to triage customer support & resolve tickets 5X faster.
  • Allow customer to share their pain-points visually so you can prefer solutions faster.
  • Collect feedbacks and video testimonials.
You can invite anyone to create a snap in 1, 2, 3…

A student submitting a schoolwork to the teacher via video

A customer using video to show the support staff the issues he’s having

A product user recording authentic & believable video testimonials

A social media user entering into a viral video content for your brand

Manage and publish your recordings from one dashboard

Start your video marketing
journey with Adilo

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