Video Chapters

Make your videos longer than 5 minutes interactive, fun and easier to watch

Long videos are not boring with chapters

Don’t be afraid to make 10 minutes, 30 minutes or even 2-hour long videos

Videos between 1 – 2 minutes get almost 100% completion rate

Everything after goes downhill… most audience can’t sit at a place and watch your ramble or pitch them for 45 minutes especially if your audience are working adults from 25 – 65 years old.

Studies show videos longer than 12 minutes get less than 30% completion rate on average.

Using chapters in your long videos will fix this, increase your video engagement/audience retention rate.

Which means:

  • higher retention on your interview style videos
  • higher conversion rate on your webinar replays
  • higher engagement on your product reviews
  • higher interaction and retention on your e-learning videos and explainer videos
  • increased sales on your product pitch and demo videos
Audience Retention

Let your viewers know what to expect and what comes next in your videos

Imagine picking up a 200 page text book to read and they’re no chapters… it will drive you insane, right?

Now, think about what your viewers go through when they have to sit through a 30 minute e- learning video, or 1 hour webinar/conference replay.

Chapters helps your viewers see at a glance the content of your video, what comes after each segment.

Interactive, control and engaging

Making your viewers participate keeps them engaged and chapters is a great way to keep your viewers active and interacting with your videos.

Let your viewers skip through to the most relevant parts

Perhaps the most important benefit of chapters… your viewers get the opportunity to easily skip to the most sections of your video they’re interested in.

Viewers that are busy can take advantage of chapters to skim through your video and quickly understand your ideas, pitch, content and solution without having to watch the entire videos.

Viewers that would have dropped off your video can instead skip to sections that are relevant to the information they seek

Video chapters will enable your viewers to navigate your videos and find what interests them the most which creates more meaningful engagement and provide better user experience.

Video chapters work great for

  • Narrative films
  • Webinars
  • Vlogs
  • Sermons
  • Educational videos (lectures & lesson)
  • Coaching & masterclasses
  • Documentaries
  • Long-form sale pitches
  • Product walkthrough and review videos
  • Tutorial and how-to videos
  • Townhall, conference and meetings
  • Medical & scientific research explainers
  • Onboarding videos
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