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What’s the Difference Between
Captions & Subtitles?

Despite the fact that captions and subtitles are closely related and the two are used interchangeably to define one another, they are very different and have unique uses.

Captions generally are of use to individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing as they include background noises, speaker differentiation, and other relevant information translated from sound to text.

Basically, caption is sound to text translation of a video in same language the video was voiced – think of a US Hollywood movie produced in English having an English caption.

Subtitle unlike closed captions, subtitles are used when viewers doesn’t speak the language in the video. For example, movies include subtitles in the language spoken in countries where the film is distributed – think of a US Hollywood movie produced in English having Chinese and Spanish subtitles.

Meet Adilo’s

AI video captioning and subtitling
localization technology

High quality captions & subtitles in few clicks and minutes not hours or days

Adilo uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR) and applying powerful neural network models to caption and subtitle your videos quickly and accurately.

Not only will our ASR technology accurately caption your video, it will also accurately timestamp the captions so it works flawlessly with your video from the word ‘go’.

The system is very intelligent so it automatically adds punctuation and formatting so that the output closely matches the quality of manual transcription.

Not only captions, we enable you to subtitle your videos in other languages (French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Hindi etc.) so you can tap into new markets and grow your business with videos.

And this is done in a few clicks of your mouse and waiting a few minutes for our AI to do the heavily lifting.

Increase comprehension in your videos, engage more & boost conversions

  1. Over 28 million Americans are deaf or hard of hearing (over 466 million in the world).
  2. As of 2019, over 85% of videos are watched without sound so your video won’t be understood without captions.
  3. Captions increases comprehension by 3.2X even for native speakers
  4. Videos with captions get 91% engagement rate compared to 66% on normal videos.
  5. Videos with captions get 26% higher CTA click- throughs

Adilo automatically, intelligently and accurately captions your videos so you can reach a larger audience. You can also customize the appearance of your captions.

Reach a wider audience, and let your videos take your brand farther

Only 25% of the world speak English, 19% speak Chinese, 8% speak Spanish and the rest is scattered across other languages, chances are you don’t speak these languages, but you have viewers from different parts of the world watching you.

Adilo breaks this language barrier by translating your captions into the local languages of your audience such as Chinese, French, Arabic, Spanish etc. so you’ll never be limited from reaching a bigger audience.

The best part is our caption localization technology that automatically detects the location your viewer is watching from and automatically adjusts the caption to match the viewer.

If you want to far and dominate dozens of
untapped markets all over the world that are
completely ignored by the competition due to
language barriers, you need this.

And here’s why this is very important.

Today, only 25% of the people in the world speak English, 19% speak Chinese, 8% speak Spanish and the rest? Scattered across other languages, and chances are you don’t speak these languages, but you have viewers from different parts of the world who want to connect with you and buy your products.

But this is not happening because your foreign customers do not understand you.

Let me paint a picture here for you…

If you make your videos only in English, that means you’re losing out over 75% of the market.

If you create your videos only in Spanish, you’re closing out your business to over 92% of the market.

That’s a big deal right there and the craziest thing is some of these markets are wide open without any competition because no one is selling to them and they’re hungry for your products which means, with just little effort, you’ll absolutely crush it.

Think about this, if you’ve got an eCommerce coaching program on how to generate traffic and sales on your Shopify store with Youtube in English, how many of those styles of course exist in other languages like Spanish, German, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian etc?

So you can see how making your coaching program available in these markets through our advanced AI subtitling technology is a huge deal that will bring in an influx of customers to your business.

Adilo breaks this language barrier with over 31 inbuilt subtitling languages and allowing your business to grow beyond your borders.

With Adilo, you can create a video in English and add subtitles in 5 different languages such English, Spanish, Korean, Chinese, and French, you can also have more than 5 if you want.

Subtitle localization technology

Our system will detect the location a viewer is watching your video from and automatically adjusts the subtitle to match the viewer.

Here’s how it works: you have a video in English with your main English caption and you also subtitled the video in 2 other languages, Spanish and French.

If a viewer comes in from a Spanish speaking country say Spain, Argentina, or Mexico the Spanish subtitle of your video will be automatically displayed.

If a viewer is watching from France, Belgium, or any other French speaking country then the French subtitles will be automatically displayed.

And finally, when the viewer is coming from other countries, we display your original English captions.

Easy peasy!

This means that your videos, coaching programs and online courses can be opened to whole new markets.

You can have your online courses subtitled in many different languages including Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, German, Hindi, Polish, Italian, Arabic, Russian and Slavic languages etc.

Imagine the potentials, you’ll be able to tap into virgin markets that have almost no competition and acquire customers effortlessly.

The insane cost of video captioning and
how Adilo protects you from sharks


Option 1: do it yourself, this very time consuming can take hours or even days to properly caption a 15 minute video

Option 2: outsource it to 3rd party services, agencies and freelancers at the cost of $4 (low quality) - $7 (high quality) per minute and you have to wait about 3 - 6 days to get it back depending on the price you pay per minute.

Here’s screenshot excerpt from one of the popular captioning services:

Imagine if you had a online course with 30 videos at 10 minutes per video totalling 300 minutes, at the cost of $7 per minute, it would cost $2,100 to add captions to the entire video library.

Not cheap.

This doesn’t include subtitling your videos in another language.

With Adilo, you would have been able to caption your entire video library in just a few clicks.

The system is very intelligent so it automatically adds punctuation and formatting so that the output closely matches the quality of manual transcription.

We also provide an easy to use to interface that allows you to manage these captions and make changes if you wish.

And here’s the best part…


You see that 300 minutes (30 e-learning videos of 10 minutes each) that would have cost your $2,100 or at least $1,000 if you were using basic translation services to caption it?

With Adilo, you would have captioned that entire video library 100% free.

Yes… not only do we allow you to quickly, and automatically caption your videos in a few clicks, we allow you to do it free to the tune of 300 minutes or even up to 1,000 minutes every month depending on your plan.

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