Create an Immersive TV-like
Experience for Your Audience
with Adilo Stage

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Put your audience into a Netflix-style binge mode and make them
spend a lot of time on your brand without any distractions.

A stage is like your own video
channel but much better…

Full control

You have complete control of which videos appear on your stage, you add or remove videos from your stage anytime you choose.


You can customize and personalize your stage to match your brand. Edit the logos, cover images, website and social media links.

Capture leads + notification

Your audience can subscribe to your stage and get notified the moment you publish new videos to your stage. All your subscribers are also pushed to your chosen CRM or email service provider given you full control over the leads.


Unlike other video platforms, all of the content on the your stage is your own. No annoying ads or related videos from other creators will be displayed on your page. Your stage is for YOU and YOUR BUSINESS only.

Immersive binge-mode viewing experience

Hook your audience into binge as a preview of upcoming video is shown by the side and next video loads immediately after current is finished.

Build a massive video library with hours of content for your audience

Create video series, shows, vlogs/podcasts or e- learning collections on your stage

Show your audience the “YOU” behind the,

A business is more than just a company with products and services to sell.
Every business has a personality and Adilo Stage lets you share this personality with your audience and connect with them socially.


It’s Your Show and You’re the only Star!

Your audience will be focusing all of their attention on you
and only you.

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