Automate & schedule your videos to stream on later dates

Perfect for webinar replays, e-learning classes streaming, product launches, building buzz, scarcity and increasing conversions

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Why automate your video streaming?

6 times more anticipation than your everyday videos

With Adilo, you can warm up your audience, presell your video content via email campaigns, ads, blog posts, instant messages and get them anticipating your video before it drops.

This genius marketing strategy will build up curiosity which you’ll leverage to drive more eyeballs to your video and maintain a very loyal audience.

Tip: building anticipation and curiosity in your audience increases their brand loyalty by 280%

Win more sales and gain new prospects with every video

Sales and marketing is quite tricky…

And the secret is knowing the little things that make the most impact on consumer’s psychology. Knowing these and incorporating them in your overall strategy will deliver huge wins to your business.

Scheduled (broadcasted or premiered) videos does 3 things that bring more sales into your business

  • Builds brand authenticity which creates trust
  • Positions the brand as an authority and put the audience on their toes to keep up with the brand
  • Forces them into a micro-commitment through keeping your schedule/appointment.

And these increases your conversion rate… more ROI on every video.

Tip: when your prospects keep an appointment with you, you’ve successfully secured their microcommitment and they’re 5x more likely to buy

Drip-feed product launch videos

If you’re launching new product (software, courses, gadgets, physical or digital) and you’re using PLF method where you release multiple teaser/presell videos and build buzz leading up to the launch to educate your audience and gain maximum exposure.

Adilo scheduled streaming will take care of the launch and premiere your videos at the time you specified, it will work well with your sales funnel builders and email marketing campaigns, you’ll just love it.

Premiere webinar & event replays

Just finished a webinar? Awesome, guess the next best move to bring in more sales… A Replay? NO

A Premiered Replay!

Right after your event/webinar, send your audience a link to replay that will premiere at x:xx PM on xx Date and watch your audience go wild and get even more excited than the live stuff.

Everybody loves scheduled replay streaming and businesses that have used it saw at least 3x more replay views on day 1 and converted more sales than on regular replays.

Streaming e-learning classes

If you teach an online class, or you have e-learning program, coaching programs, cooking shows.

You can create a real, live classroom-like feel by getting your students or e- learning course members to show up at a specific time and attend your video classroom.

Premiere your demo & pitch videos

Turn your product demo or sales pitch videos into exciting events that have your prospects making out time and tuning in to watch it.

Make it cool… nobody loves boring and regular is boring.

Host live-like watch parties & vlogs

Got something interesting to share with your followers and audience, say it with Adilo

Host live-like watch parties, vlogs, add comment to the page and interact in real time with your followers while they stream your video

Create urgency, scarcity and
increase sales

Use FOMO to dramatically increase engagement and conversions on your videos

FOMO (fear of missing out) is a powerful persuasion technique in marketing, it takes advantage of human psychology of not wanting to miss out.

If your audience ends knows that have only X amount of time to watch your video and get in on your deal before the video stops streaming, every one of them will race down the clock.

This create urgency, scarcity and exclusivity around your content and offers, driving up the value which means

Tip: time limited scarcity boosts sales conversions by 226%. 69% of millennials experience FOMO as a result of scarcity and 60% of them make

Fully Automated

We’ll handle everything “premiering – streaming – ending session” from start to finish and make it look live-like, you just set and

And it takes less than 60 seconds to set it up

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