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4K Video Player

An Interactive HTML5 Player

  • Prequalify, convert and capture leads
  • Sell products & schedule appointments
  • Promote your other videos
  • Insert dynamic ads on your videos
  • Redirect to websites and links
  • Loop videos

You Control
the Controls

Adaptive Streaming

Adilo automatically detects the speed of your audience’s internet connect and plays the version of your video that matches their internet speed to avoid buffering or choppy footages.

You audience can also manually choose which quality of your video they prefer to consume, and our player dynamically adapts in the background without interrupting their experience.

Built-in sharing

Give your audience many ways to share your content with the world.

We make it easy, right in the video player, your audience can share to social networks or copy your embed code or even download your video.

As well, we give you control on this, you can disable sharing and download options if you wish.

Hi-Res Dynamic Mobile Viewing Experience

Whether your viewers are consuming your videos on their smartphones, tablets, laptops, big screen desktops or with 85inch webOS TV sets, you’re covered.

Adilo gives your audience a Hi-Res dynamic viewing experience to fit any screen.

Embed Anywhere

Adilo videos can be embedded literally anywhere you could think of.

  • On websites, landing pages and blogs.
  • On membership sites, online course platforms and learning management systems.
  • In knowledge bases and help centers.
  • In your eCommerce sites, checkout pages and shopping carts.
  • Right inside your mobile webs, web-apps and desktop software.
It’s Yours… Brand it, Customize it!

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo and make it yours.

Smart Video and Image Thumbnails

Intelligent video thumbnails that conquer the browsers auto- play issues. Automatically generated classic image thumbnails, use ours or upload yours. Customize thumbnails with call to action texts that encourage your audience to click “Play”.

Your Privacy Matters
  • Password-protect your videos
  • Set to private and only those you expressly give link will have access
  • Restrict websites your video can be embedded on so no one steals your copyright.
  • Or share with your project collaboratorsand no one else

Advanced Content Security with Real Time Anti-Piracy Solutions

DRM Security to Protect Your Premium Content from Illegal Downloads

Frustrated with your paid, premium contents, films & TV broadcasts, e-learning courses getting illegally downloaded and shared online causing massive loss of revenue to business.

Our beautiful video player comes equipped with multi-drm including PlayReady, AES and Widevine DRM to securely protect your premium media content from illegal downloads, sharing and unauthorized streaming on any browser or device (phone, computers, smart TVs, set-top boxes)

Contents protected with multi-DRM security are impossible to download regardless of which browser add-on or video downloader software the viewer is using.

This is the same level of security used by platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, Comcast, and AT&T to protect their multi-billion-dollar movie franchise.

See our multi-DRM in action

Real Time Forensic Watermarking of Your Video Streams to Fight Illegal Camcording and Advanced Piracy

Forensic watermarking, sometimes referred to as blind, invisible or bit-stream watermarking, is a complex algorithm that allows us to inject a payload information into the metadata of your video stream.

This is real time anti-piracy solution goes wherever your video goes protecting it every step of the way.

With so much technology today, it’s now possible to illegally record your video while it’s playing with the same quality as the original even at 4K/UHD resolutions beyond full HD… that’s why you can still see stuff like Netflix movies getting leaked even with their DRM security.

There are now smart phones with 12, 16 and 20 megapixel 4K cameras and powerful camcorders that could flawlessly record a TV screen or computer screen while it’s playing your video.

There are even screen recorder apps and plugins in your computers, mobile phones and browsers that can record your entire screen while it’s playing a video

DRM can’t protect your video against this sort of attacks and that’s where forensic watermarking comes it, it’s robust against multiple forms of piracy including camcoding, screen recording, transcoding, ripping, cropping, blurring and more.

With forensic watermarks protecting your video, every video served to each viewer is 100% unique and if your video is ever leaked, you can use the meta data trace the culprit who leaked your video and take appropriate actions.

Adilo player is equipped with this powerful forensic watermarking technology that fights piracy in real time.

A Video Player that Understands Marketing

Goal-Based Video Retargeting Technology

Adilo is the best video player for advertisers and online marketing who spend a pretty penny on measurable ad campaigns on platforms such as on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Google, Bing, Twitter Ads, Quora, Reddit, AdRoll, Perfect Audience etc.

We provide you with the most powerful video retargeting infrastructure you’ve ever seen by allowing you retarget ads on people who have watched your video, not just everyone who saw your paint. The days of blanket retargeting where everyone who landed on your page gets retargeted is over.

With Adilo, you can retarget ads can be laser focused on your “likely-to-convert” audiences, these are the people that didn’t just visit your page but actually clicked the play button and watched your video, these set of people are more likely to buy your product and Adilo player lets you target them.

Even better, our goals retargeting technology which is the first of its kind in any video player allows you to set goals and insert your retargeting codes at different points in your video, so they only get triggered if the audience hits that goal.


  • Completed 50% of video
  • Watched the product intro
  • Watched the buy now pitch

This technology is a marketer’s dream, your ads campaigns can now be targeted on your hottest, most-likely to convert audiences which means lower ad spend and higher returns on every ad campaign.

Resume Play

Adilo Player resumes play for returning visitors through our session storage infrastructure. Now viewers can enjoy your long videos, e-learning videos, webinars and sales pitches as they can pick up right where they left off automatically & your conversions will soar

Pause on Scroll

Your videos will automatically pause if the viewer scrolls away or goes to a different tab and is no longer paying attention and will automatically resume when viewer returns back to the video.

This is so your viewers won’t miss the highlights of your videos and an engaged viewer is a converted viewer.

Sticky Player

Don’t want to automatically pause your videos when viewers scroll away, we’ve got an even more clever solution.

Make your videos automatically follow them, Adilo player is equipped with sticky infrastructure so once activated, your videos will aggressively follow your viewers as they browse through your page keeping them immersed in your content.

Even more reason to love Adilo Player…

Beautiful Video Chapters

Video chapters make your videos easier to watch and navigate.

Adilo Players comes with video chapters so you can segment your videos or bookmark important sections in your videos and make the video viewer friendly.

Especially on long videos (anything longer than 10 minutes) like webinars, product reviews, product/software training videos, educational/e-learning videos and help videos etc. Video chapters are a must to keep the viewer engaged and interacting with your content.

Captions & Subtitles

Adilo Player enables you to caption your entire video library in just a few clicks.

Adilo uses a deep learning process called automatic speech recognition (ASR) and applying powerful neural network models to caption videos quickly and accurately.

Not only will our ASR technology accurately caption your video, it will also accurately timestamp the captions so it works flawlessly with your video from the word ‘go’.

The system is very intelligent so it automatically adds punctuation and formatting so that the output closely matches the quality of manual transcription.

Not only captions, we enable you to subtitle your videos in other languages (French, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, Hindi etc.) so you can tap into new markets and grow your business with videos.

Create Beautiful Playlists
Smart AutoPlay

Want a powerful auto play video that works on all web browsers, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or others. Choose Adilo Player.

Our auto play is designed to bypass the blocking of all major browsers used today.

Geolocation/ Regional Blocking

If you don’t want viewers from certain regions to watch your videos, you can blacklist the region and your videos won’t be watch by anyone from that location.

You can blacklist countries or even whole continents.

Beautiful Comments

Turn on or turn off comments on your videos, it’s your choice.

You can also manage comments posted by your viewers, delete or reply to them. And our video comments are just too beautiful to overlook when means you get a lot of engagement.

Adilo Player… the future
of video streaming!