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Here’s why Adilo is the best platform to host
your business videos…

Store Your Entire Video Library – No Limits

Adilo gives you UNLIMITED storage… that’s enough space to store the world.

And because we’re not petty or cheap, we also give you UNLIMITED videos to match… now, you can run your own Netflix right here with us if you wanted.

Fastest hot storage in the world… up to 6x faster than Amazon s3

Your videos in most formats & codecs are all welcome (MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, FLV, H.264, HEVC, MPEG-4, DivX etc.)

High speed, secured
video uploads

Adilo automatically detects the speed of your audience’s internet connect and plays the version of your video that matches their internet speed to avoid buffering or choppy footages.

You have no problem uploading a 10mb or 10GB video files, our infrastructure will effortless handle it.

Have multiple videos to upload once? Simply drag n’ drop for our machine to handle them.

Organize your library for
easy access

Give your audience many ways to share your content with the world.

Create unlimited folders for sorting your videos. Keep everything organized and tidy.

Your projects can be private or a collaborated project, Adilo allows you to collaborate easily.As well, we give you control on this, you can disable sharing and download options if you wish.

Asset management

Powerful tools to manage your entire video library and projects.

Easily copy, move, duplicate, download, replace or delete videos.

With our replace feature, you can easily swipe out any old video with a new video and all the places the old video was embed will start playing your new video without any hitches.

Easy to Use Video Editor Dashboard

Our video dashboard is NOT complex at all. We made it so easy to use even a child in grade 6 can find his way around.

And it has all the tools you need to really tune up your video in few clicks.

In-House, Dedicated, High Speed 4K Video Encoding Farm

…with the power to raise up to 10,000 concurrent workers at the word “go”

If speed matters to you

If processing power means anything to you
If lossless compression means anything to you
If independent per-title encoding means anything to you

Then meet the 10,000-horsepower engine that power videos hosted on Adilo.

The engine that does almost all the work but never gets any praise because almost no one see it.

Encoded to Reach a Wide Audience on Every Screen

ncoded in H.264 to reach all your audience without a hitch, we don’t compromise your reach to save cost.

Lossless video compression (e.g.: upload a video of 1GB, our system compresses it to around 200mb – 300mb) without losing a drop of the quality on the original video) ensures your videos consume low bandwidth when streamed by your audience.

All your videos encoded with adaptive DASH & HLS streaming protocols giving your audience a seamless viewing experience across all their devices.

Deliver Your Videos Faster than Real- Time with our Buffer-Free Streaming

Life is too short for buffering and your audience will not sit on their hands waiting for you to get it right.

Our pre-load technology ensures your videos are ready to play even before they hit the play button… every second counts.

With dozens of datacenters all over the world, we store your videos close to your videos even if they’re in faraway Myanmar

Whether you have an audience of 100 or an audience of 100 million, our 18Tbps+ network will deliver your video to your audience worldwide at high speed.

Adaptive streaming technology so your audience can enjoy a seamless experience on your videos even when on slow connections.

Every Second Counts

We stream your videos faster than you can count to 1.

Videos have only 8 seconds to capture the attention of viewers. Imagine spending the next 6 seconds loading the video after they’ve clicked play… there’s just no time for that nonsense.

Elastic Streaming

Be it a new product launch or your business got featured on TV and suddenly you have an influx of “unexpected but appreciated” visitors, your videos with Adilo keep streaming spotlessly as if nothing happened and even if you exceed your allocated bandwidth, we’ll keep things running smoothly for you.

Every Screen & Device

Same flawless experience on every devices and screen resolution.

Big, Bad Bandwidth

In video streaming, bandwidth is everything and that’s why we reward our customers with a lot of it compared to any other business video hosting software today.

Our Pro plan has 3TB and our Business plan has 10TB monthly bandwidth, our offering is peerless.

We have dedicated customers plans for organizations and businesses so large they can guzzle 10 Terabyte bandwidth daily.

You can get custom bandwidth of 10 Petabytes monthly (that’s 10,000 Terabytes or 10 million gigabytes).

Contact our sales team now for custom enterprise plan.

Quick Bandwidth
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Advanced content encryption & streaming security to protect your premium videos from piracy, illegal downloads and copyright violations.
Read more about out multi-DRM encryption

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