Red or Blue? Hello or Hola?

Put Your Videos Through the Wringer and Find Out What Makes Your Audience Tick

New experimentation: Invincible sunscreen campaign
VARIATION A: Female presenter – 222 leads
VARIATION B: Male presenter – 415 leads
Out-experiment and outperform your competition

Grow your conversions rapidly by testing tons of new ideas on your videos, take out the guesswork from your video marketing and identify the winners you need to create success in your campaigns

Don’t be this guy…

Business owners believe they know what their audience wants to see so they record videos, publish and voila… they’re live!

But the reality is we’ve often found out that business owners who do this are just like the guy in this picture, shooting blind in the dark.

And as a result, their videos perform much lower than it should even when they’re getting leads and making sales that they think is good enough, what they don’t know is that they could’ve done so much better if only they experimented.


Adilo Video Experimentation Engine

Test your thumbnails

Want to make you’re not losing potential viewers who didn’t click ‘PLAY’? Our thumbnail experimentation tool fixes this for you.

You can test different image thumbnails or an image vs video thumbnail to find out which has higher play rate.

No more loosing views because your thumbnail is not pulling in attention.

Test full videos effortlessly

Got the perfect thumbnail? Now battle-test your videos before you launch your full-blown marketing campaigns and find out which of the videos will make you more sales.

You can setup unlimited experimentation campaigns and test as many videos as you want.

Fully automated campaigns

Your experimentations will run fully handsfree once you set it up, and it will automatically keep running the best performing video/thumbnail one the experiment is finished so you never lose any business.

You can split test everything from play rates, to lead capture, links clicks etc.

Embed your experiments anywhere and let them run smoothly in the background without interrupting your viewers.

Monitor all your experiments and make data-driven decision that will grow your business.

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