Every business need leads to grow

Adilo empowers you to collect leads everywhere on your videos

A beautiful dashboard to manage your contacts

Fully loaded to integrate with your favourite CRMs, export contacts,
filter, search and track lead
generation sources

Getting more out of
your contacts

Watch history & video heatmaps

Visually feel how your audience consumed your videos. Discover their entire watch history, the kind of contents they love to watch, the location and devices they user in consuming your contents and the segments that engaged them the most.

Powerful information like this will position you to better audience what your leads want, where they may be having a roadblock and leverage that information to close them.


Tag your contacts automatically based on their behaviours

  • Links they click
  • Videos they watch
  • Their location
  • Time spent watching videos
  • Devices

And so much more


At Adilo, we believe a lead (contact)is more than just a name and email address.

A contact is person with life on and off the internet, a job or a business, interests, social lifestyle, shopping habits and so much more.

Once your video viewer subscribes, leave the rest to us… we scour the internet for hours looking for their footprint and use it to build an enriched profile for you.

A profile that lets you connect with your contacts and convert them to your customers faster.

Read more about our contact enrichment

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