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Adilo tracks what matters so you can:

  • Relax
  • Take a sip of coffee
  • Ignore the fuss
  • Focus on making more videos
  • And growing your business

Here's what we track

Realtime activity
View Trend
Engagement Trend
View Throughs
Play Rate
Watch History
Interaction Summary
Engagement Summary
Watch Time
Devices & Browsers
and so much more

Track your daily video

View data for 1 video or all videos

View data for today, last 30 days or for lifetimes.

Whatever you need to make data-driven decisions, we already provide it.

Get insights in real- time

Why is real-time so important for videos? Sales-reps and marketers who want to close deals fast or startups who just launched a new product can’t do without real-time. It’s the only way to get life pulse on how your prospects are reacting to your content and tally it against your conversions and conversations.

Adilo keeps you up to the date by the seconds and provide you lightning fast insights you need to improve your ROI.

See how your audience
engage with
your videos

Discover the performance of every video in your library, see how your audience interact your videos on daily basis, how much time they spent watching each video and how much of each video they watched. Use "PLAY RATE" to see if your video is even drawing in enough prospects or are your losing sales and leads because no one watched your videos.

Visualize it

Adilo shows you in graphical details all how your viewers engaged with your video, including all the drop-off points across your video timeline so you can see where you lost engagement

You'll be able to visualize the hotspots on your video through our heatmap tracking.

Get to Know Your

Watch your videos make an impact as in different geographies, devices and traffic sources. See the locations that enjoy your content the most, discover if your followers are on the go "mobile" or typical business/white-collar guys "desktop". See how your content fare in the gender divide and so much more all from one sleek dashboard.

It's Personal

Know exactly which prospect, customer or contact has watched your video. We give you actionable insights including where your contact shows the most interests in your video, where they skip and exit, how much they watched, device they used, number of interactions they had on the video and where they watched from.

Video Cards that Keep
You Updated

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