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  • Storage

  • Bandwidth (monthly)

  • Stage video channel

  • Video experimentation & split testing

  • Snapbyte video recorder & messaging

  • A.I. captions & translations (monthly)

  • Scheduled streaming

  • Ad pixels retargeting

  • Leads auto-tagging

  • Advanced streaming technology Geo-location control, resume play technology, sticky streaming and pause on scroll technology

  • Sub users & collaboration

  • Anti-piracy multi-DRM licenses (monthly)

  • Dynamic visual watermarking (monthly) Deter viewers from screen recording your premium videos with personalised real time watermarks

  • Dedicated account manager

$29 /month
$49 /month
$149 /month


Unlimited videos

There’s no capping on the amount of videos or length of videos to upload.

Native vertical video support

Vertical and square videos are all the rage right now, Adilo natively supports them.

Easy video embedding

Many ways to embed your videos on any website including email embeds, popover embeds.

Hi-speed multi-uploader

Upload up to 10 videos at once using our hi-speed video uploader.

Customisable 4K video player

A fully responsive HTML5 player that streams HD, HDR & 4K videos flawlessly on all devices and customisable to match your brand

Video chapters

Make your videos super-interactive using chapters

Video playlists

Build beautiful video playlists that send your audience into binge-mode

Stage video channel

Build an exclusive video channel for your business without ads or any distractions

Rich video analytics

See in real-time how your videos are performing and how your viewers are engaging with each video

Contacts dashboard

A dashboard to manage all your video leads, export it anytime.

Interactive video tools

Display lead capture forms, images, banners, recommended videos, call to action links and buttons.

API integrations

Sync your leads with Mailchimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, GotoWebinar, Zapier etc.

Video privacy tools

Protect your videos using standard privacy tools such as domain white- listing and password-locking.

MP4 & M3U8 direct streaming

If you want to use Adilo for Roku channels, Amazon Fire or mozilla spoke, you’re covered.

Project management

Organise your videos into projects and keep your workflow tidy.

Video management tools

Powerful tools to manage your videos, delete, copy, duplicate or replace your videos in just few clicks.

Large knowledgbase

Rich and insightful helpdesk with detailed training videos and articles to help you.

Live chat support

Need help? Get it the moment you need it with our live chat support that is always online.

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