It's more than a video player.

Not only is this the fastest, most powerful & ultra secure HTML5 video player on the market today, what we built is a player you can fall in love with


A player that gives you control

Customise it, make it yours

Customizing the look of your video player is super easy. Just drag and drop the pin on the color your love to match your brand.

You can have your video player in modal 1 billion vibrant colors.

color pick

Take control of your branding

Static logos on your videos are boring, we've made branding on videos exciting with our "flagship" first-of-it's-kind responsive video branding.

You have to try it and see, it brings a burst of freshness to your videos, don't just take my word for it.

Control every element

We're crazy about you being in charge that we let you control even the smallest things on your videos.

Can viewers share your video?
Should video loop?
Should viewer see player controls?

Everything is at your fingertips, 1-click turn on or off, your choice.


100% ad-free player


Supports vertical & square videos


Adaptive video streaming protocol


Segment preloading technology


All videos delivered via multi-CDN


SEO optimized video player


Supports SD, HD, HDR & 4K videos

music note

Built-in audio player


Built video playlists


Video and image thumbnails


Lightweight HTML5 player


Built-in audio player

Embed anywhere

Adilo videos can be embedded literally anywhere you could think of.

  • On websites, landing pages and blogs.
  • On membership sites, online course platforms and learning management systems.
  • In knowledge bases and help centers. 
  • In your eCommerce sites, checkout pages and shopping carts.
  • Right inside your mobile webs, web-apps and desktop software.

Video chapters

Video chapters make your videos more interactive, easier to watch and navigate.

Segment your videos or bookmark important sections in your videos and make the video viewer friendly.

Perfect for long videos such as webinars, product reviews, product/software training videos, educational/ e-learning videos and help videos etc. Video chapters are a must to keep the viewer engaged and interacting with your content.

In-video call to actions

  • tick
    Display option forms in videos
  • tick
    Collect phone numbers & book appointments
  • tick
    Integrated with zapier, mailchimp etc.
  • tick
    Show related videos at end of your video
  • tick
    Display buy buttons, links and banners
  • tick
    Displays maps & html codes in videos
  • tick
    Loop your videos
  • tick
    Loop yoRedirect to 3rd party links at end of your videour videos

Automated A.I video captioning & translations

Automatically caption your videos in 3-clicks with up to 99% accuracy for free. Also, subtitle (translate) your videos in up to 31 other languages and open it up to audiences around the globe.


Content scheduler & video drip feed tool

Schedule dates in future that your video can begin streaming to your audience and when it will stop streaming.

Leverage this to automate your content releases, increase engagement on your videos, build buzz on product teasers, introduce scarcity and urgency in your sales campaigns.


A/B video split testing

No more guessing if your video campaign will perform well, setup a split test within 60 seconds and check which video engages your audience more.

You can also split test your thumbnails to see that one that gets the most views.


Google & FB ads integration

Retarget your viewers for better ROI on your ad campaigns. Install and fire ad pixels directly inside your videos and build custom audiences.

You'll be able to target specifically users that watched your video and segment them by how much they watched.

Works with Google/YouTube ads, FB/Instagram ads, Adroll, PerfectAudience and all the popular ad platforms.

Tools to ensure you're getting the most engagement on your views...


Resume play technology

Allow viewers to pick up right from where they left off the last time instead of restarting the entire video and wasting time with player seeking.


Pause-on-scroll intelligence

Detect when a viewer scrolls away from your video or switches to another tab and auto-pause the video then continue playing when the viewer is back to your video.


Sticky player

Never lose attention on your videos, detect when a viewer begins scrolling and follow the viewer with the video for maximum engagement.

The most advanced content security on any video player

Protect your premium content, keep prying eyes away and control access at all levels.

Password locking
Domain whitelisting
Private unlisted links
Geolocation whitelisting
web security
Anti-Piracy DRM (no downloads ever)
PasswDynamic watermark (no screen capture)ord locking