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Our users love Adilo player because of

A Need for Speed

Super lightweight 4K player

Our simple, customizable 4k video player weights less than 100 kilobytes and cached on 49 PoPs making it load in milliseconds.

Segment-preloading technology

Our R&D department built a flagship “preloading technology” that readies your videos to play even before a viewer clicks the play button. We’re anti-buffer.

30Tbps+ content delivery network

Your videos are delivered via our lightning fast CDN using a strong network backbone of 49 PoPs and growing, plus an unbelievable 30Tbps+ speed.

Adaptive & chunked streaming protocols

Your videos are delivered via our lightning fast CDN using a strong network backbone of 49 PoPs and growing, plus an unbelievable 30Tbps+ speed.

More than speed…

Flexibility, Control & Accessibility

Customise, brand it, it’s yours

Customizing the look of your video player is super easy. Just drag and drop the pin on the color your love to match your brand. You can use a global color for all your videos or personalize each video.

Add your brand logo and make it yours. Get more attention to your videos with image thumbnails or captivating video thumbnails.

The power at your fingertips

You’re in control and everything is possible. Autoplay your videos, hide/show the player, display subtitles or not, allow viewers to speed-up/slow-down your video, it’s your choice, you’re in control.

Privacy when it matters

Protect your content and choose who can watch it and where it can be watching with our privacy tools.

  • Lock videos with secret passwords
  • Play videos on whitelisted domains only
  • Only viewers with private link
  • Disable right clicking on videos
  • Block countries and regions

Playlist to keep your viewers watching

Create beautiful video playlists that keep your audience glued to their screens and engaged with your brand.

Leverage our playlist for your vlogs series, weekly show episodes, music collections and e-learning tutorials

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Supports audios & podcasts

Full audio streaming capabilities, host and market podcasts, audiobooks, music, voice overs and so much more. Video and audio is better together.

Supports square and vertical videos

Square and vertical videos are all the rave right now. Adilo player is the first business video hosting platform to natively support these video classes.

100% mobile responsive and screen-adaptive

Are your viewers watching on smart phones, tablet, laptop or a 60-inch smart TV? With Adilo player, you’ll never have to worry… we adapt to all screens.

Embed and share videos anywhere

Embed your videos anywhere you want, on websites, online stores, landing pages or blogs. Or send it via email to your prospects and get more clicks.

Beyond flexibility & control…

Engagement & Conversions

Interactivity with video chapters

Video chapters make your videos more interactive, easier to watch and navigate.

Segment your videos or bookmark important sections in your videos and make the video viewer friendly.

Perfect for long videos such as webinars, product reviews, product/software training videos, educational/e-learning videos and help videos etc. Video chapters are a must to keep the viewer engaged and interacting with your content.

Resume play technology

Engage your viewers and allow them to pick up right from where they left off the last time instead of restarting the entire video and wasting time with player seeking.

Pause-on-scroll intelligence

Detect when a viewer scrolls away from your video or switches to another tab and auto-pause the video then continue playing when the viewer is back to your video.

Sticky player

Never lose attention on your videos, detect when a viewer begins scrolling and follow the viewer with the video for maximum engagement.

Do more in your videos

  • Display option forms in videos
  • Collect phone numbers & book appointments
  • Integrated with zapier, mailchimp etc.
  • Show related videos at end of your video
  • Display buy buttons, links and banners
  • Displays maps & html codes in videos
  • Loop your videos
  • Redirect to 3rd party links at end of your video
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Video experimentation

Video split testing

Experiment between 2 videos and see which one converts better, gets more engagement, leads and sales.

Thumbnail split testing

Test 2 different thumbnails on your videos and see which one gets the most attention & play rate.

More reach & higher engagement with captions & subtitles

Adilo players comes build with ASR A.I. technology that automatically captions and subtitles accurately all your videos in 3 clicks.

Captions are a must-have for every video. Captions increases conversions on videos by 217% and allows videos to be understand 3.2X better even it’s watched without sound.

And subtitling your videos in other languages allows your to break barriers and penetrate new, untapped markets to engage new audience and grow your business.

With Adilo player, captions and subtitles will no longer take your days or cost 100s of dollars, just 3-clicks and you can caption + subtitle your video in up to 31 different languages for free.

Retarget your viewers for better ROI on your ad campaigns

Install and fire ad pixels directly inside your videos and build custom audiences.

With Adilo Pixels, you don’t just get to install pixels in your videos but actually install and fire multiple pixel events at different points in your video and they’re only fired when the viewer watches to that point.

For example, you can set pixels to fire when a viewer watches up to 2 minutes, another when a viewer watches up to 5 minutes, another when the viewer sees your offer.

Build a segmented custom audience of hot buyers based on how they engaged with your content.

This alone will increase ROI on your ad campaigns by up to 500% and you’ll no longer waste money blanket-retargeting every person that visited your page who have no interest in buying your product.

Automate your video streams to build buzz & scarcity

A video scheduling technology that allows you to control when your videos can begin streaming to your audience and when it stops streaming. And this will allow you to use your videos and:

  • Create lifelike viewing experience
  • Generate huge buzz on your webinar & event replays
  • Build anticipation for upcoming product releases & launches
  • Introduce real scarcity in your sales funnels & offers
  • Increase engagement conversions rates
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