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Fighting piracy and losing the war everyday

Login-based content security is laxed and very weak

The problem with relying on login-based style security to protect your premium is that it fails every time.

It doesn’t matter how strong your login protocols and authentication are, once a real user logs in, your entire content security has already failed

Shocked, right?

Let me paint a picture:

Who steal your online courses? Who pirates your original films and premium content?

Certainly not an outsider or some hardcore Chinese hacker, the first leak is always from your real paying customer, someone who has legal access to the content.

And this is why no matter which membership software you use, the result is always same, your contents getting leaked and shared illegally.

You need to protect your premium content beyond login authentication and page scrubbing

Group buy sites, black hat forums and torrent site eating the lion share of your sales revenue

Illegal downloads and copyright violations on your site are only the beginning of your problems.

After stealing your high-ticket coaching program, e-learning courses, masterclasses, movies and original content, give it a couple of days and your entire content is littered all over different black hat forums with people illegally sharing them for free or reselling them on group buy sites for pennies on the dollar.

And the basic law of economics takes place… your potential customers instead of purchasing your product after searching on Google will discover these sites and end up downloading it for free or paying pennies to copyright thieve.

You lose customers and your business bleed revenue. In a recent case study, we’ve discussed that many businesses especially those in the e- learning and online education industry are losing 40% - 60% of revenue annually to piracy attacks.

Repackage, Encrypt and License Every Stream

Studio-Approved Multi-DRM Encryption

Adilo Multi-DRM allows you to securely deliver premium content to audiences across multiple devices securely and stress-free.

Our DRM security enables you to stay in control of who watches your content and when. We will dynamically issue individual session-based user permissions to your content with no need for re-encryption.

Our DRM security supports Google Widevine, FairPlay Streaming, Microsoft PlayReady and Advanced Dynamic AES covering the full spectrum of studio approved DRM providers to keep your premium content protected.

With DRM security activated on your videos, only an authenticated user will be licensed to watch your videos with a strict viewing-session policy making it impossible for the authenticated viewers to download your video using any browser extension, plugins, add-on, download/torrent software or using link scrubbers.

Secure expiring and session-based keys

Our licenses are useless after every viewing session which means that even if a hacker manages to steal the license key, it’s already expired as every issued license is temporary and valid for one viewing section

Every request authenticated

To ensure that pirates and hackers do not get access to your content even if they mimic, every request sent to our DRM licensing server is triple-authenticated on player before sending request, on licensing server before releasing decryption key and on edge before serving content

Cross-platform content protection

Our multi-DRM security was deployed strategetically to cover all the devices and browsers using by

Windows computer, Mac computer, Android phone & tablet, iPhone & iPad, Smart TVs, TV Set-Top Boxes, Game Consoles

iOS, Android OS, Windows OS, webOS, tvOS, macOS, tizenOS, chromeOS

Safari, Firefox, Chrome, Edge, IE, Opera, Chromium-engine based browsers etc.

Everywhere your content will be streamed, it will be protected.

How it Works


Step 1: upload a video with our DRM markup

Step 2: we encode the video

Step 3: we encrypt and package the video our DRM license markup Step 4: we send the encrypted video to our streaming server

Step 5: we send the license markup to our licensing server


Step 1: opens your video to watch on website where it’s embedded

Step 2: our player captures viewer details and request file from our streaming server and decryption key from our licensing server

Step 3: the request is authenticated and if valid, our licensing server generates a one-time (temporary) session-based decryption key

Step 4: files requested and key to decrypt is sent to our player, viewer streams and enjoys the video

Step 5: after the viewing session ends, the key auto-expires and it’s destroyed. It becomes invalid and useless even if stolen, if the same viewer needs to watch the same video again, a new licensing session is initiated


(Test our studio-approved multi-DRM protected video)

Original content creators and e-learning coaches love hosting
their premium videos on Adilo for ultimate security

With our advanced protection technologies not seen on any other commercial video hosting platform (Wistia, Vimeo, Youtube, Amazon s3, VidYard etc.), you can finally host and stream your premium, paid video contents securely.

You’ll be able to enjoy the following
  1. Plug revenue loss
  2. Legitimacy of your original content
  3. Increased content valuation
  4. Peace of mind

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