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Enjoy 100% ad-free and unlimited 4K video hosting solution. Store as much videos as you want.

Whether video is 3 minutes or 3 hours, 30MB or 3GB in size, we’ll handle it effortlessly.

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Host your audios

Adilo is not just for your video hosting, it’s a premium content management platform. You can host your audiobooks, music, podcasts, voice overs, calm narrations, and enjoy all-in-one media management.

Stay organized

Get rid of the clutter, use projects to stay organised.
Build your content libraries to manage your videos and audio with few clicks on the mouse.


Drag n’ drop high speed multi-uploader

Quickly upload multiple videos and audios at once with direct line to our storage centre making for the fastest speed possible. It’s drag n’ drop easy.

Super-fast cloud encoding

No queueing, our cloud encoding farm has 10,000 dedicated workers and we use the per-title encoding technology for the best quality.

Video management tools

Powerful tools to manage your entire video library and projects. Easily copy, move, duplicate, download, replace or delete videos.

Content encryption and protection technology

Advanced security protocols to protect your premium content from being pirated, downloaded or recorded illegally See our content security —>

Multi-resolution storage for adaptive streaming

Your viewers have different internet speeds, when you upload a 1080p or 4K video, we create multiple resolutions of that video for your viewers.

Optimized for search engine rankings

Videos hosted on Adilo are optimized with latest search engine algorithms and rank exceptionally well on Google search results.

Repackaged for smooth web streaming

Your .mp4, .mov, .avi etc. are not optimised for web video streaming, when you upload your video, we repackage to HLS & DASH for smooth streaming.

Optimize video for performance in 1-click

1-click to open video editor, optimize the video to get more views and more results. Switch your thumbnails, add opt-in forms and so much more.

Build Your Video Channel

Encourage viewers to spend more time with your brand by building your own exclusive video channel.

No ads or related videos from competitors are ever displayed on your channel.

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Add your own display and cover images
Customise with your personal links
Tell viewers about your brand
TV-quality experiences they know and love

Get notified when Skip Lad uploads a new video.

Build your channel subscribers

Display opt-in forms and collect leads right on your stage page to build your video channel subscribers.

Sync subscribers with email marketing tools and keep 100% control of your list.

And Collaborate

Collaborating is the fastest way to grow your business and Adilo makes it easy

Add users and bring your team together

Add as many users in your account as you need to grow your business (your art directors, design team, producers, videographers, marketers, sales team, support team etc.). Bring everyone onboard and work together efficiently.


Assign and manage permissions for every user individually

Content Control

Share videos for internal use, available for your collaborators only


Work less and let your team upload videos, manage videos & marketing

Review and get feedback with time-coded comments

Review videos internally with your team or clients before publishing it to the web. Get feedbacks with time-coded comments to spot exactly what you need to fix and make life easy for everyone.

Video messaging for effective team communication

Quickly record your screen, camera or both and share your insights with the team. Visually review team progress and share updates on video.

Map out weekly milestones, assign tasks and record meeting recaps.

Nothin beats video for effective team communication, it’s better than emailing back & forth or wasting dozens of billable hours chatting.

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