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If you’re ok with not having complete control
over your videos and having someone else steal
your hard earned traffic…
good luck with
YouTube, you’ll need it.

How do you feel after spending hours, resources and tons of cash creating that breakthrough video for your business then put it on Youtube and at the peak of your pitch, the climax moment when you’re about to close the sale, YouTube in it’s arrogant glory shows up with an advert of another business (probably one of your competitors) and disrupt your pitch, take away the hard-earned attention of your audience and steal your sales? Oops…

Don’t be deceived, there’s no “You” in YouTube.

We shudder when we’re talking with new customers and they tell us “We’ve been with Youtube because it’s free as we don’t have much money to include a premium video hosting service in our budget” but the real question here is…

Let’s talk about the cost of free

Related videos stealing 35% of your traffic

Each time someone pauses a video or the video you embedded on your website finishes, a carousel or grid with 6- 12 videos show up - and you know how people react when they see kitten videos. And all those videos take your customers to YouTube and away from your business.

Ads on your video stealing away up to 50% of your customers and revenue

Imagine if you’re selling a $29 product and your sales video receives 10,000 views a month, YouTube will use ads of other businesses and products to drive away up to 50% of your customers and send them to your competition, if that meant just 100 sales then the “so-called free” has already cost a whopping $1,299 in 1 month, much more than you would spend a year on Adilo.

No flexibility to customize player

When using video for business, you need to be able to customise to match your brand and represent your message, YouTube takes away this power from you and they still put their logo on the player which when clicked redirects the visitor away from your website back to YouTube.

No specialized tools to boost your sales marketing

Are you posting cute cat videos or sharing another Taylor Swift gossip? If that’s all you do with videos, then YouTube is probably good enough but if you use videos to grow your business, you need to switch now.

You can get banned or your videos deleted anytime

You can get banned without a moment’s notice and sometimes, for literally no reasons at all and you lose all your videos and subscribers without any hope of ever recovering them. Bottomline, you’re not in control of anything.

So, is YouTube really free or is it costing you more than you’d spend on a premium video hosting solution?

Truly, we understand your dilemma… before now, leaving YouTube was next to impossible because all the business video hosting solutions placed a premium price tags on their service costing thousands of dollars a month just to host and stream a handful of videos, of course many beginners and businesses couldn’t afford that until now…

We have more ways to make your videos all about YOU

Gone are the days that business video hosting is a “premium” affordable only to fortune 500 businesses, TEDx speakers, celebrity business owners, 7 figure eCommerce retailers, and big name professionals/authors.

Now you too can take over the world with your ideas even if you’re a beginner without any money. In fact, Adilo has demystified video marketing so much that even if you’re completely out of pocket, you can start with us right now 100% free, start reaching out to your prospects, pitching your idea, products and services until you start making sales then you can upgrade

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Adilo was developed with YOU

Adilo is a better solution to
your online courses,
coaching programs, movies
and premium, paid content.

The Adilo Difference is Clear

Get the power, control, and customization you need to
manage your team’s and organization’s projects.

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Complete Control Over Your Videos -
Total Control Over Your Subscribers -
Brand & Customize The Player to
Match Your Business
Place Videos of Other People &
Steal Your Traffic
Advertise on Your Videos & Steal Your
They’re experts at this :) Never
Delete Your Videos & Ban Your Account
Collect Leads -
Call to Actions -
Number of Videos Unlimited Unlimited
Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Designed for Sales & Marketing Created for sharing cat videos Absolutely
CRMs and Autoresponders - Unlimited + Multi-Account Integration
(17+ CRM and counting)
Advanced Contacts Management & Insights -
Advanced Content Security with multi-DRM -
Real-time Anti-Piracy Infrastructure -
Team Collaboration -
GDPR Compliant
Publish to Social, Track & Manage -
Hyper-Active Subscriber Builder -
Hidden Fees -
A/B Video Split Test -
Advanced Analytics to Monitor
Performance of Your Videos
Collaboration -
Dedicated Account Manager -
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If you’re posting fun videos that you’re cool with strangers placing distracting ads, Youtube is great but that’s about it. When it comes to videos for business, stay away from them!

We have more ways to make your
videos all about YOU

A stage to showcase your

A stage that you own, and control, a stage that’s all about YOU, once you’re on the stage, your brilliant ideas can shine to the whole world, you’re the driver, the pilot, the conductor and you’re the captain.

Get to know your audience
up close & personal

Connect with each viewer in a more personal way, discover how they consume your content, how deep they are in your funnels and what they love. See your contacts in a whole new way no other video tool has ever shown them to you.

Tag & ship

Do more than just transferring leads from your videos to your sales teams, autoresponders and CRMs… tag every lead you send and empower your sales force to do more.

Collaborate and split test to 10x your results

Actively collaborate with your team and other creators to come up with the perfect video and split test to decisively pick your winners.

Studio-approved multi-DRM encryption protects your video from piracy

Adilo Multi-DRM allows you to securely delivers premium video lessons to audiences across multiple devices securely and stress-fre

We encrypt and license every stream to ensure that no student or pirate will use video downloader software, plugins, torrent software, link scrubbers or browser extensions to illegally download your videos and start reselling or sharing freely in public domain.

Our DRM security supports Google Widevine, FairPlay Streaming, Microsoft PlayReady and Advanced Dynamic AES covering the full spectrum of studio approved DRM providers to keep your premium content protected.

With DRM security activated on your school’s videos, only active students will be licensed to watch your videos with a strict viewing-session policy.

Forensic stream watermarking algorithm to secretly track conspirators & leakers

Even with privacy protection and multi-drm encryption, there many advanced piracy attacking methods such transcoding, frame editing and most popularly ‘screen recording’ which is the act of recording your device while it plays video that are used by thieves to steal copyrighted content.

Forensic watermarking technology solves this, we monitor every video stream and embed an invisible watermark into the metadata of stream and this watermark is made up of trackable data of the viewer such as device/browser fingerprint, IP address, session data and more.

This forensic technology is 100% invisible to naked eye (it’s not like visible watermarks) and it survives attacks such as screen recording.

So when a student decides to steal premium video content belonging to the school by screen recording them, we’ll be able to tell you which student did it and when the crime was committed so you can take legal actions.

The fastest video communication
software for professionals

Beautiful videos in a snap

Your videos at the speed of your speech. We’ve simplified video creation for professionals and so you can make videos on the go.

No lights, no costly cameras, no heavy equipment, no video engineers – no problem!

Are you ready for the future
of video marketing?

We were born ready for this moment and we’ve been waiting for you.
Adilo, the business video hosting solution designed for you.