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15 Best Influencer Marketplaces in 2021

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Table of Contents

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Gone are the days when marketers took an interest in traditional marketing strategies, which guaranteed low sales. Yikes! Here is the 21st century, and almost everything about marketing has gone digitally. Therefore, it has become necessary to hire influencers for online marketing campaigns because they are critical agents in this new strategy.

Since influencer marketing has become one of the most efficient online marketing trends, it created an avenue to manage all the resources, and Influencer Marketplaces came to the rescue. But there is another problem! Which is finding suitable influencer marketplaces to reach your influencers.

Luckily, here you are, at the right place for the solution, because we have listed fifteen (15) best Influencer Marketplaces where you can quickly source specialist influencers for your campaigns. Famebit YouTube, Tiktok Creators Marketplace, Fohr, InfluSoft, and many others are on this list.

The 15 Best Influencer marketplaces


There is no way anyone would mention the best influencers’ marketplaces and leave out Famebit by YouTube. It is one of the best creator marketplaces in the world. The marketplace was acquired by Google and is focused on YouTube influencers, although there is Famebit for Instagram too.

Famebit will help you discover the creators for any of your product types. Since video content is quite helpful, this site might prove very resourceful to marketers. To join FameBit, register on the site, and apply for the FameBit full service.


Source: Brybe

Brybe is an online influencer marketing marketplace that adopted templates of freelancer sites to its features. It allows creators and influencers to create custom gigs which are called “Brybes” on the site. Therefore instead of marketers surfing through lists of influencers, they can just check out various gigs aligned with their interest, check for necessary information, and review influencers to meet the required quota, a brilliant idea! 

Tiktok Creator Marketplace

I15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: TikTok Influencer Marketplace

This is another one of those sites like Famebit, only that this is a TikTok influencer marketplace. When it comes to targeting, analysis, and payment services online for a creator marketplace, TikTok has developed this one to always suffice brand marketers. Although it might not be as resourceful as YouTube FameBit, innovative video creators can collaborate with exciting brands on paid campaigns. 


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Heepsy

Heepsy is an Instagram influencer marketplace that offers over 11 million choices of influencers for brands to hire. This marketplace has categorized influencers to various niches, locations, engagements, and audience types, which helps marketers to navigate the platform and quickly find what they need easily.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Fohr

This is another marketplace with a creative working idea. The company is based in NYC and therefore has a reasonable idea of what drives people’s game. Therefore Fohr creates a platform whereby marketers can get the full details of influencers’ names, addresses, and contact information upfront. The platform also displays the amount of money made by the influencer so you can have all the necessary information before chipping in a call.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Influsoft

Being a digital influencer marketplace designed by one of the top marketing agencies in the world, Viral Nation, Influsoft has a massive network of users. The marketplace lets you reach out to millions of influencers worldwide, and there are tools to help you navigate and search through these resources easily. You can also monitor your current campaign on the platforms, using the Plan, Measure, and Listen to modules to your advantage.

15 Best Influencer Marketplaces

The unique feature of this influencer marketplace is its networking functions. Unlike other platforms, is designed to host influencers and allow them to interact and network with one another. Marketers and brands seeking influencers can also visit the marketplace to deal with those who meet their requirements. The company believes in co-sharing of ideas between influencers and brands, rather than just deals and payments.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Webfluential

Webfluential offers similar services to Brybe, providing several tools for influencers to take action and reach out to brands rather than just sit back and wait to be discovered. The platform allows influencers to create portfolios and showcase all their last works to the visiting brands and marketers.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Activate

Activate is an all-in-one influencer marketplace, where you have the liberty to do a lot more than just hiring influencers. It allows you to activate a sophisticated search engine to get relevant results. There are also lots of influencers available here, including Olympic athletes! You can also make easy payments via the Activate online payment portal.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Iflunez

Iflunez influencer marketplace is similar to Famebit Instagram in the sense that it only facilitates Instagram campaigns. But many of the influencers do have an online presence on other platforms too. The platform also has automation and can manage over 100 influencers at once.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Intellifluence

If you have been looking for a marketplace with a low monthly fee and many influencers, this is the right platform. Intellifluence offers analytics to ease your affairs, and the transactions here are also safer than other platforms. The platform has a unique way of fishing out scammers by holding unto payment before services are delivered.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Perlu

If you have ever felt like you are dealing with the wrong influencers, then the Perlu influencer marketplace is for you. On this platform, influencers are packed in groups for brands to hire. This group of influencers offers a long-term relationship with brands to provide quality services.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Linqia

This is an algorithm-based marketplace that helps you discover which influencers will fit into your project. Brands don’t have to do the guesswork here because the AI does this for them. It will also track the campaigns and produce data-driven analysis in real-time. But Linqia is not all AI; humans can also assist you on the platform to make you more comfortable.


15 Best Influencer Marketplaces
Source: Upfluence

This is another Famebit alternative. The difference is that Famebit sponsorship targets Vloggers, while Upfluence is more interested in bloggers. There are two products on this platform; Reachr and Publishr. As their names already suggest, Reachr allows brands and marketers to reach influencers, while Publishr focuses on native adverts. Hence, Publishr is used by brands to hire bloggers that are affiliated with new outlets to build content for the company.


influencer marketplace
Source: CreatorIQ

CreatorIQ is also an end-to-end marketplace with an excellent user interface. It’s easy to access the features on this platform, too, and it was named the Best Influencer Marketing platform at MarTech Awards. The platform focuses on big agencies or large businesses in search of an all-in-one influencer market solution.

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