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Get actionable real-time insights about your videos and the audience. Easily track your video performance and make smarter data-driven decisions with key metrics and stats at your fingertips

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Real-time activity

A quick snapshot to show you exactly what's happening right now across your content.

You'll see your views come in

Visualize your

Engagement graphs

Get a birds eye view on how your audience are consuming your content and where they're dropping off.

Video heatmaps

Get specific data on which parts of the video they watched more than once, where they skipped and how many interacted with the call to actions.

Engagement summary

An overview of your video performance, total watch minutes, engagement rate and more.


Get to know your


Discover your audience with advanced video analytics to help you understand
viewer behavior everywhere, all in one place.

Contact profile

Up close and personal

Get personalized insights on your on your contacts (a viewer converted into a lead by your video)..

Know exactly which videos your contacts are watching, where they skipped, device they view from and how much they've watched.

Everything is tracked so you can see the behavior of each contact and even automatically tag them based on these behaviors.

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